Kelli D Gordon III% TX

Bio: I am an Article 5 Strategist served as National Coordinator for Citizen Initiatives Advancing The Article V Countermand Amendment http://www.countermands.us

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  1. You should join us at the Gordon tent at the highland games. – I see you have nabbed my House of Gordon Virginia/Mid-Atlantic Header for one of your depictions. It would be great to meet you. Come join us in our online community on Facebook too!
    Lois Todd
    President, House of Gordon USA


  2. Hey Kelli….It’s awesome to be surrounded
    by like minded folks like youself! All we can do at best, is keep this shit in front of as many less informed as possible!

    Kind regards,



    All the talk, information, posturing and down right lies surrounding Healthcare rhetoric misses the key essential element upon which to even have a discussion.
    Is government mandated or government managed Healthcare legal or lawful?
    This question is no brainer territory of very low order.
    Why? Simply because no one is ever empowered to regulate any ones body, its health or care and any one forced into a contract is a Slave. It matters not if the forcing party through legislation or regulation is a government, the result of slavery is the same.
    In order for any one to control or regulate another’s body there must be an ownership position in that body. Any and all limits on how any one takes care of their own body is fundamental trespass. This principle applies to manufactured drug or natural elements as well either forced into a persons body or denied a person through removal of free choice. This applies particularly to government activities.
    Any and all government actors along with all licensed and regulated entities are subject to the 13th Amendment barring absolutely all forms of Slavery and involuntary servitude.
    The key word is involuntary!
    So Mr. President, all Congress critters and Judges answer the question below and please inform the People of both the question and your answer. Your answer will tell us the People what you really stand for. And more to the point your answer will tell the swamp dwellers that legislative and regulatory hegemony over the People is a dead end operation or admit this Nation is the Slave plantation.
    “Under what law, theory of law, political powers or commerce powers authorizes any one, particularly a government servant, to trespass into another Americans body to force foreign substances into that body or deny that American the complete control over their own body?”
    Forced healthcare or forced vaccinations sounds like RAPE to me. How about you?
    The American People are not Slave/subjects of government, the government is subject/servant to the People.
    We the People look forward with anticipation to your answer.


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