Volunteers Wanted. State Leaders Willing To Do What It Takes To Rescue Liberty For Your Great State. Join Citizen Initiatives Today! Be Part of History in the Making! Discover How We The People Will Countermand the Tyranny in 2017.

Friends, We are very close to losing the protections we have in the Constitution. There is a tyranny looming over our heads and only the Countermand Amendment can stop it peacefully. State legislators alone are the final arbiters in all Constitutional matters, not the delegates they send to a Convention. It is past time for you to join us in your State to secure the 34 Article V Applications on Congress that are needed to convene the Countermand Amendment Convention and secure Ratification by 38.
We don’t need 8 to 10 different amendments because The Countermand is THAT POWERFUL. 8 short clauses and fewer than 400 words of pure inspired good Old Fashioned American Ingenuity that our Founding Fathers would be proud of.
The Countermand Amendment does not alter the Constitution in any way. It simply allows the States the proper authority to protect their sovereignty from Federal or other forms of encroachment. There is not much time left before we are all under a tyranny that forbids us from properly using Article V. Only the States can restore our Constitutional Republic with Article V.
The Countermand Amendment stands apart from and independent of all other Article V initiatives. We will cooperate with any of them if they do not surrender sovereignty and deliberative Legislature authority. We have one chance to get this right. We must not be duped by flawed claims by others who have assumed that an Article V Convention is a ConCon (or some modified form) and that delegates are equivalent to the delegates at the 1787 Convention. Article V delegates are Ambassadors of the Legislatures, not free agents. They are not charged with the awesome task of creating a new Constitutional document and government.
Our State Legislatures need the power of The Countermand NOW!
Don’t miss the video messages from Alaska and Pennsylvania State Legislators who are endorsing The Countermand in their Great States.


PA State Rep. Cris Dush on Using The Countermand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqBKIrSCFlQ

AK State Rep Shelley Hughes on The Countermand https://vimeo.com/160622372

1. Executive Orders
2. Court decisions
3. Budgets & Debt
4. Obamacare
5. Social Issues
6. Treaties
7. Laws Against 2nd Amendment
8. DHS, EPA, BLM, IRS, DOJ Regulations and more COUNTERMAND IT!!

ALASKA IS LEADING THE WAY! On Saturday April 16, 2016 Alaska made Constitutional history and it is going to change the course of our Constitutional Republic forever.  SUPPORT THE COUNTERMAND 2016 HJR14 and SJR15 are the Application for the Countermand Amendment Convention and HCR4 and SCR4 are the Delegate Resolution.


The Alaska House and Senate passed with overwhelming margins and with bi-partisan support (3 democrats and 1 independent) both the Article V Countermand Amendment ‘Application’ on Congress and the Delegate Resolution.  NON-PARTISAN!!


Together we WILL rein in The Federal Government safely, quickly and peacefully!! Will you introduce The Countermand Amendment Call on Congress to your Great State’s Legislature? Will you sponsor The Countermand Delegate Resoluton that safely defines and controls the Art 5 Amendment Convention and the delegates? We will need 51% to pass.

1) APPLICATION ON CONGRESS Single Issue Countermand Amendment Convention To assure that Congress will convene the Countermand Amendment Convention it is important that all Calling States have identical Titles and language in their Applications. For a PDF copy of the Application on Congress click this link: http://citizeninitiatives.org/Legislators/Art_5_Application.pdf

2) COUNTERMAND AMENDMENT To assure a safe, quick and successful Countermand Amendment Convention this text must be pre-approved by Calling States and included in the Delegate Resolution. For a PDF copy of the Countermand Amendment click:  http://citizeninitiatives.org/amendment_countermands/countermand_amendment.pdf

3) DELEGATE RESOLUTION COUNTERMAND AMENDMENT Delegates are Ambassadors of their State Legislatures, they are not free agents! To assure a safe, quick and successful Convention it is necessary that all Calling States have the same instructions to their delegates to the Convention. This will prevent possible violations of Article I, Section 10 prohibiting Interstate Agreements without the consent of Congress. The Governor has no Article V authority and does not have to sign this Resolution. For a PDF copy of the Delegate Resolution click this link:


4) STEP BY STEP PROCEDURES FOR STATE LEGISLATORS AND CONCERNED CITIZENS  http://citizeninitiatives.org/Legislators/Step_by_Step_Instr_Alone_8-3-15.pdf



COMPARISON TABLE OF THE COUNTERMAND AMENDMENT VS. OTHER ARTICLE V GROUPS: http://citizeninitiatives.org/Media/Comparison-Table.pdf

26 states involved in the AMNESTY law suit.
26 States are angry about obamacare.
24 states challenging the EPA over coal.
27 States challenging Obama EPA water regulations AND the list goes on.
Why waste time and money in Federal Courts with no guaranty of a favorable outcome when 30 States can simply Countermand the issue entirely.  www.countermands.us
Please contact me with a convenient time for Citizen Initiatives to speak with you about The Article V Countermand Amendment Convention: Be a Leader for your Great State!
Regards, Kelli D Gordon serving as National Coordinator for
Citizen Initiatives Art 5 Countermand Amendment Convention
Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.
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Find out how you can help! www.countermands.us

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