Alaska is Leading The Way Back To Liberty

On Saturday April 16, 2016 Alaska made Constitutional history and it is going to change the course of our Constitutional Republic forever.  SUPPORT THE COUNTERMAND 2016

The Alaska House and Senate passed with overwhelming margins and with bi-partisan support (3 democrats and 1 independent) both the Article V Countermand Amendment ‘Application’ on Congress and the Delegate Resolution.  NON-PARTISAN!!

The Countermand Amendment stands apart from and independent of all other Article V initiatives. We will cooperate with any of them if they do not surrender sovereignty and deliberative Legislature authority. We have one chance to get this right. We must not be duped by flawed claims by others who have assumed that an Article V Convention is a ConCon (or some modified form) and that delegates are equivalent to the delegates at the 1787 Convention. Article V delegates are Ambassadors of the Legislatures, not free agents. They are not charged with the awesome task of creating a new Constitutional document and government.



The Countermand Amendment does not alter the Constitution in any way. It simply allows the States the proper authority to protect it from Federal or other forms of encroachment. There is not much time left before we are all under a tyranny that forbids us from properly using Article V. Only the States can restore our Constitutional Republic with Article V.
Madison quote from Fed-45 the powers of the feds vs states
SUBJECT: State Legislatures must not abdicate Article V ‘We the People’ sovereignty to delegates or the Federal government.
The most critical question all other Article V groups ignore is how to protect and preserve ‘We the People’ sovereignty and legislature deliberative authority under Article V. Only the Countermand Amendment and Delegate Resolution will safely protect both while giving to the States (including Governors) the authority to Countermand and Rescind any Federal law, ruling, regulation, or other government or non government mandate that encroaches on States Rights and personal liberties. If the State Legislatures continue to be duped by the flawed claim that Article V will cause a Convention to be “Open” (ConCon) or some modified form such as COS’ 3 general Subjects Convention, then sovereignty in ‘We the People’ and State Legislatures will be sacrificed to the Federal government or delegates sent to an Article V Convention.
Friends, we are very close to losing the protections we have in the Constitution. There is a tyranny looming over our heads and only the Countermand Amendment can stop it peacefully. This letter is being sent to every Governor and most State legislators to inform them that they alone are the final arbiters in all Constitutional matters, not the delegates they send to a Convention. It is past time for you to join us in your State to secure the 34 Article V Applications on Congress that are needed to convene the Countermand Amendment Convention and secure Ratification. Contact me and let me know how you can help. CK
Charles Kacprowicz Executive Director CITIZEN INITIATIVES Countermand (828) 783 0599 
The United States is the only country on the planet that reserves to the people sovereign authority to modify the conduct of the Federal government when they deem it necessary. Article V is the vehicle to make this possible peacefully and quickly.
Article V authorizes the States to have convened an Amendment Convention only (for proposing Amendments) not a Constitutional Convention or any modified form. The State Legislatures are the final arbiters in all Constitutional matters, not the delegates sent to an Amendment Convention. The genius of the Framers is in the phrase “for proposing amendments” which left for future legislatures sovereign authority to safely and quickly address encroachment issues with preapproved Amendment texts and Delegate Resolutions by the Legislatures before delegates go to a Convention, thereby retaining for the States sovereign authority to address any and all Constitutional issues that deny States Rights.
So Congratulations to Alaska! America will thank you for leading the way back to Liberty!
You may inspect this brilliant and inspired legislation here:

2 thoughts on “Alaska is Leading The Way Back To Liberty

  1. there is no use in this if the Same State government Trash who have Bankrupted the State and turned it into north LA. run things as is now the intent and fact. (Trapper)


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