Facebook Nazis Want Rid Of Me. And Anyone Else Like Me.

Check the private message FB sent me.
Facebook nazis are getting ready to declare me ‘ineligible’ to use facebook because I dont meet community standards???
ScreenHunter_451 Dec. 27 09.34.jpg
Facebook already declared me ineligible August 2014 and then permanently disabled my original profile.
Taking cyberhostage my 5000 fb friends and readers plus hundreds of followers who couldnt be on my friendlist because of stupid fb frind limit.. I was accused of posting sexually explicit photos of children after I sounded the larm for the patriots to come close down Laredo crossing back in June 2014. I tagged Texas Governor Perry with it too just FYI.. along with every other state governor and sheriff and lawdog and peacekeeper amd oathkeeper and hellraiser and militia man and true American Patriot who want to defend our Liberty in America.
Sat 8:21pm December23,2015
look what the facebook nazis just sent me
Fαcebook wιll ιmmediαtely dιsαble your αccount thαt ιs consιdered ιnelιgιble use. If you αre the orιgιnαl owner of thιs αccount.
Please clιck the followιng lιnk to contιnue the recovery process :
If wιthιn 2 hours you do not vιsιt our lιnks, we wιll block your αccount permαnently αs α reαson for not fulfιllιng the terms of use. Thαnk you for helpιng to ιmprove our servιces.
Terms of Use

fb sharia compliant

For lots more info about the fb nazis click here>
Update: Kelli D Gordon vs The Facebook Nazis
Posted on August 20, 2014 by Kelli D Gordon III% TX



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