BREAKING: FBI Official Just Issued TERRIFYING Warning For Those Who Live Near “Peaceful” Mosques

Dec. 12,2015

A former FBI counter-terrorism special agent named John Guandolo has gone public with a BOMBSHELL and has issued a terrifying warning for the American people about Islamic centers and mosques around the country exposing that most are part of a broad “jihadi network.”

In an interview with Breitbart, Guandolo claimed that almost every jihad attack inside America has has the support of local Islamic centers and mosques.

Guandolo says that the cast majority of the more than 2,200 mosques and Islamic centers here in America “are part of this hostile network- they’re HOSTILE!”

He went on to say that over 75% of these centers, based on their property records, are a part of the “Muslim Brotherhood network” since they are “owned by the North American Islamic Trust, which is the bank for the Muslim Brotherhood here” and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Guandolo said that the San Bernardino terrorists attended the Islamic Center of Riverside, which he said was a “a Muslim Brotherhood Center.” He noted that the Boston Bombers attended the Islamic Society of Boston, which he said was a subsidiary of the Islamic Society of North America that was founded by an al-Qaeda guy who used to advise former President Bill Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore and is now in prison.


(Distribution of Mosques in USA 2015 – Via The map above shows the current distribution of Mosques in the United States as of April 2015, which totals 3, 186.

Guandolo even set up training courses to educate FBI agents and government officials but those were squashed by Hussein Obama, of course.

Conservative Tribune reports that in the course of his investigations, Guandolo also discovered via internal documents that “the purpose of this network is to wage civilization jihad… until the entire world, and specifically the United States, is under Shariah law and the Islamic State is established here.”

He went on to explain how the leaders of these Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Islamic organizations have worked themselves into various levels of the federal government as advisers in sensitive departments like the FBI, Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security staffs.

Guandolo said that these advisers have immense input on the writing of terrorism-related policies and have made numerous changes to existing policies due to some aspects being “offensive” to Muslims.

He also warned against focusing too much on terror organizations like the Islamic State group, as they are merely “part of a much broader movement” that is bigger than simply one group or organization.

Guandolo is astonished at how ignorant government officials are about the widespread threat saying that the majority of them had no idea what is going on in the Muslim community.

The reason these overpaid ‘officials’ are ignorant is because Obama’s people are the ones advising them, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Al Qaeda who are necessarily hostile to our system, our war fighting and our way of life.

“That’s the problem,” he said.

You can read more from our friends at All News Pipeline.

(H/T Right Wing Tribune)

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12 thoughts on “BREAKING: FBI Official Just Issued TERRIFYING Warning For Those Who Live Near “Peaceful” Mosques

  1. When Mr. Obama starts pulling his head out of his ass and realizes that this is not his country to give away we will start having peace. Obama has set this country back 60 years and not more. He wanted to do this so he can bring in his Muslim people to give them this land. HEY OBAMA THIS IS NOT YOUR COUNTRY TO GIVE AWAY.


    • actually, he will not dislodge his head, because he is the Trojan horse the mobrohood wanted in office, he is doing everything they want, including funding terrorist countries and creating, funding and arming ISIS, opening up the Mexican border so they can just come in…he even approved a bill that now allows a Muslim group to buy American farmlands at very little or no tax, so they can own all the farmland in America to help shut down America


  2. Let me put it this way,
    I don’t have a problem with weapons at a temple, church, or mosque.
    A couple shotguns with defencive loads, and an AR for more accurate work if the congragations hand guns need to be supported with something heavier to defend the worshipers.
    As long as the Union congress refuses to supply the SOP for universal training in weapons; safety, use, and squad & unit teamwork, then the churches will have to fill the gap as far as safety and use. With youth air rifle, .22, and paintball sports. That still doesn’t and shouldn’t leave much of a church armory, this is America you owe your guns to NO ONE. They should be and are yours by God given right, no matter what name you call him, her or them.
    May you and yours find the Blessings of the Diety your choice.


  3. This is the change Obama wants he is toxic, dangerous,arrogant and hates America. His ideology will destroy this country and the fall of America began the second that Muslim took office. Ok America you got your first black president. Be careful what you wish for. Look what he’s done. The majority of the idiots that voted for him never bothered to read about him and see the potential danger he posed for our country. And the rest of you left wing socialists should pack up and get the hell out of this country. We don’t want your agenda. Obama will pay for what he’s done to this country. And I can only hope it crushes him. No one is more deserving

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What kind of “leaders” do we have that would let Obozo squash ANYTHING that the FBI does for us??? Our Congress is a bunch of pussies, just like our homosexual prez. We need to end his monkey business. Lets storm the whitehouse and end the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood from there for good!!!!!!!!


  5. If this were true Congress would have stepped in and done something. Even odouchbag is not above the law. I do believe these mosque’s are used for terrorist activities but getting congress to get their heads out of their ass is like pulling teeth. That’s the one reason my guns will stay right with me. I have passed all background checks and been fingerprinted and the whole 9 yards. So if these terrorist want to start something in our back yard then they will be dealt with. We aren’t rednecks for nothing. We can shoot and hunt and stay out of site with the best of them and these are our backyards. Odouchbag may want to turn this country into a 3rd world but we ain’t going to let it happed without some blood-shed.


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