Facebook is useless to me

I have not violated any bogus rules on facebook but I cant like or share of comment most of the time and I have a lot of trouble just trying to post pictures to go along with my articles. I get friend requests that I cant see and private mesages that I cant access.

FB NAZIS upload-a-photo-id

I really am tired of the facebook nazis and having my freedom of speech attacked. I have begged people for over a year to join me on Liberty Heads Social Site or World Truth dot org but to no avail. I am leaving behind 7000 friends and readers here on facebook between my two accounts. I will miss you.

You can find me at Liberty Heads or World Truth. I also have a blog https://kellidgordonlibertyblog.wordpress.com/

Here is my Twitter https://twitter.com/The_Texas_Tiger

Kelli D Gordon III% TX The Texas Tiger! https://libertyheads.com/members/home

or World Truth at Kelli D Gordon III% TX




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