Obama Wants Israel To Give Up Nukes

I wish Bibi would’ve just punched obama right in the mouth!! Look at him with his mouth pursed up trying to control his temper.. I feel the same way. Esp if I accidentally hear obamas voice… like nails on a chalk board. I literally have flipped the bird at electronic devises on REFLEX!!! i HATE OBAMA AND THIS ENTIRE CORRUPT FEDERAL OPPRESSION.

Obama wants Israel to turn the other cheek when Muslims blow them up. Check it out:

The president of a think tank that arranged a conference call Monday between the White House and progressive activist organizations in which participants discussed how to coordinate public defense of President Obama’s pending Iran deal has another ultimate target in mind.

Joseph Cirincione, president of the Ploughshares Fund, wants Israel to give up its nuclear weapons, arguing such a move will ensure Iran halts its illicit nuclear program and will help to create a Mideast nuclear-free zone.





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