Obama is NOT Going to Like What I’m About to Say, But I’m Saying it Anyway

Written by Allen West on July 17, 2015
There’s only one story I want to focus on today. Our men and women deploy to fight and win the combat engagements of this nation. We know the harms and dangers of the combat zone, as well do our families. This is a volunteer military, so no one’s pressed into service for this nation. No one’s forced into combat service. And consider that in these past decade plus, there’s only been one of those brave men and women who actually deserted while on the battlefield.
 But when we bring our military home, the expectation is that they find respite with their families. That’s why we call it “home station.” And our reserve component brothers and sisters in arms have training facilities that are part of the civilian community — not so sequestered away like an active duty station.

Sadly, on Thursday we were reminded — for the fourth time, that our men and women in uniform are no longer safe in America.

The first instance came June 1, 2009, when a militant Islamic jihadist who was born Carlos Bledsoe attacked a Little Rock, Arkansas, Army recruiting station. Bledsoe had traveled to Yemen and Somalia to receive terrorist training. Originally from Memphis, he’d been radicalized and changed his name to Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad. Bledsoe killed one soldier and wounded another, as they stood outside on a “smoke break,” He admitted to his heinous attack, claiming he was a soldier of Allah and that these two soldiers were the enemy. In the trunk of his car were found weapons, ammo and a target list. It only takes one instance for a good commander to adjust to the enemy and ensure they can never conduct a like type attack ever again.

The second instance came November 5, 2009, at Ft. Hood, Texas, my final duty station in the Army. There someone wearing our country’s uniform stood on a table, shouting Allahu Akhbar, and fatally gunned down thirteen, wounding another 31. We were told not to rush to judgment and that diversity was more important than identifying the enemy. And therefore the Obama administration’s official statement and position was to classify this savage and treacherous attack as “workplace violence” — and it’s still labeled so today, even after Nidal Hasan was convicted and sentenced for a terrorist attack.

Upon deeper research, we found out Hasan had had contact with the Islamic madman Anwar al Awlaki. We learned Hasan had been angrily proselytizing against our troops, whom he was supposed to be seeing and treating as an Army psychiatrist at Walter Reed Hospital — and no complaints were allowed. Nidal Hasan was transferred to Ft. Hood and placed on deployment orders for the combat theater of operations. To evidence how desperate the liberal progressive left was in this case, they came up with a new classification PPTSD (Pre-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The goal was to wish away the real issue — an Islamic jihadist terrorist attack — to which Hasan fully admitted.

I remember going on media sources to address the issue and explaining that our men and women on military installations are not armed — something folks found unconscionable. And recall that Nidal Hasan was shot not by Army military police, but rather by civilian contracted military installation police officers.

The same repeated itself again in the gun assault on the U.S. Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. — civilian D.C. police shot the assailant.

Yesterday, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a military recruiting station was attacked by a 24-year-old Kuwaiti born Islamic jihadist named Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. There are reports that his father was once on the terrorist watch list. And Abdulazeez did not stop at the recruiting center; he moved on to his second target. At the second target, a U.S. Navy Reserve Support Activity Center, this jihadist was able to penetrate the perimeter and engage four unarmed Marines, whom he killed.

On April 18 this year, I visited a U.S. Army Reserve Center in Grand Prairie, Texas, and wrote of that visit here. I was appalled and sought to sound an alarm about better security for our reserve centers. See, a good commander recognizes when something’s wrong and seeks to alert and rectify the situation. There in Grand Prairie, I was told the security plan was to call the local police who would respond — and guess what happened in Chattanooga? The enemy breached the perimeter because there was no armed security. The enemy gets onto the installation and because the Marines were not armed — albeit no doubt there’s a unit arms room on site — they were gunned down like helpless lambs. And after the actions had taken place, the civilian law enforcement, dutiful as they are, came onto the scene and exterminated the vermin Abdulazeez.

But it was too late for four Marines.

On May 22, 2013, people watched in horror as young 25-year-old Drummer and machine gunner Lee Rigby was brutally attacked and hacked to death by Islamic jihadists. They were so proud of their act they stood before witnesses and gave a testimony. We were told not to rush into judgment, and there were even those who went so far as to claim this wasn’t part of the “religion of peace.”

We’ve heard ISIS is not Islamic, yet apparently ISIS sent out a tweet just minutes before the attack in Chattanooga. What does it take to make President Barack Obama righteously indignant about the attacks of our troops here at home? What does it take to convince the Commander-in-Chief that our troops, whom we trust with weapons in combat, should be able to protect themselves with weapons here at home? Have we become so doggone politically correct that we want to neuter our warriors and offer them up to the wolves as sacrificial sheep?

This has been a damn horrible week. Four Americans abandoned in Iran, while President Obama celebrates an agreement with the world’s number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism. An agreement that will guarantee Iran’s economic, military and nuclear prowess and hegemonic dominance. And then less than 72 hours later, we have to watch four Marines fall victim to Islamic terrorism in the state where I attended college.

The question’s been asked: how do we stop these attacks? Simple, we drain the swamp and put the spotlight right where it should be. We ditch this bovine excrement PC “coexist” mantra of fantasyland. We must admit this problem exists. We need to clean up the Internet and social media. We need to kill these bastards and stop playing around and allowing them to infiltrate and instigate this type of attacks. We need to immediately arm our men and women on military installations — not everyone, but access control points — and in every unit area, there should be duty troops armed for security. We need to ensure our reserve component centers and National Guard armories are not isolated and rendered vulnerable.

This should’ve been corrected back in June 2009, but for some reason the current occupant of the White House refuses to take action. Obama refuses to even say global Islamic jihadism. Yesterday, we watched Obama issue a statement and he seemed bothered and couldn’t even look at the camera squarely. Sir, Mr. President, four Marines had been gunned down. You showed more indignation at Major Garrett when asked about abandoning four Americans in Iran — as if it were beneath you to be questioned.

I close by saying simply, I do not care where Barack Obama was born. I do not know if he is a Muslim or not, nor do I care. What I am sick of is an Islamist sympathizer sitting in the White House who cares more about gay athletes coming out of the closet than our men and women being killed by these barbarians. This is another terrorist attack against our military in America on Obama’s watch, and he evidences not a care. This is not just FUBAR. It is another example of Obama SNAFU!


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