VIDEO: This Fed-Up Border Sheriff Wants America to Know Just 1 Thing About Donald Trump

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu hit the nail on the head when speaking about Donald Trump on Sean Hannity’s show earlier this week.

Hannity asked Babeu how accurate Trump was about problems related to the border crisis.

Babeu indicated the Republican Presidential candidate was spot on, claiming it’s a huge problem.

He’s tapping into the anger that I and every American should feel,” Babeu said.

Babeu added that while Trump sometimes paints with a broad brush, he isn’t far from the truth. The sheriff pointed out that it’s the criminal illegals who should be the focus of everyone’s concern — and Trump was right to point out the danger associated with them.

Babeu said some 30,000 illegals with criminal pasts were released last year. Many of those arrested are released –even after four or five arrests. Some have been released only to go back into society and kill innocent people.

Watch the interview here (H/T The Gateway Pundit):

The problem is there seems to be very little punishment for these offenders, Babeu told Hannity. Babeu wanted to know who can justify these people remaining in our country when we know their criminal pasts.

We would like to know, too.

Trump and Babeu have legitimate concerns, as our border seems more porous than ever, and the president is doing absolutely nothing about it.

It looks like Babeu and Trump have at least one thing in common — they don’t mind sharing their point of view and they don’t care who they offend when sharing it.

We could use more people like this in public office.

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