VIDEO In Defense of Guns in Church – A Lack Of Gun Control Didn’t Cause Shooting – Charleston Comes Together

Reclaim Our Republic

-Charleston shooting has nothing to do with gun control
-Charleston Comes Together
20 June, 2015 by Bryan Fischer

Dylann Roof attended a prayer meeting at Charleston, S.C.’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. After about an hour, he pulled a gun and shot nine Christians dead.

South Carolina’s gun laws did nothing to stop this homicidal racist from going on a rampage inside a house of worship. South Carolina permits an individual to carry concealed in church only if given “express permission,” which Roof quite obviously had never been given, since Wednesday was, to my knowledge, the first time he’d ever even set foot in the building.

Many state laws, regrettably in my view, prohibit concealed carry in church. Such laws, well-intentioned as they may be, turn churches into gun-free zones and human shooting galleries.

The sad and unnecessary reality is that when Roof started firing, there was nobody in the…

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