SCOTUS Unanimously Upholds Religious Freedom and Free Speech

Reclaim Our Republic

June 19th, 2015 By: Jake (Diary)

The last several months have not been kind to our country’s long cherished religious freedom, but the Supreme Court just unanimously handed down a victory for those of us who still value it. In their ruling for the case of Reed v. the Town of Gilbert, Arizona, the court ruled, essentially, that the government cannot pick which forms of speech it wants to protect more than others, and furthermore, even if the law was not intended to discriminate against a particular kind of speech, that is still no reason to justify content-based regulation of speech. Here’s a brief summary of why this became an issue, via the Oyez Project of IIT Chicago’s Kent College of Law:

Clyde Reed, pastor of Good News Community Church (Good News), rented space at an elementary school in Gilbert, Arizona, and placed about 17 signs in the area announcing…

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