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Hello everyone. My name is Kelli D Gordon and I live in The Great State of Texas. Im about ten miles North of Reynosa Mexico in the Beautiful Rio Grande Valley which has become one of the main corridors for the illegal invasion of The United States of America.

one person can make a dif and everyone should try

I am not a globalist and I can NOT stand what is happening to my country and worse yet what is happening to my future generations American heritage. I am here to urge you to learn the Article V Strategy of The U.S. Constitution!! Teach it to your kids!!

There has been a lot of buzz and curiosity and debate going on about the Proper Article 5 Strategy, Method and Mechanics of an Amendment Convention. We at Citizen Initiatives have been working diligently to get this important information out to Americans, State Legislators and even State Governors. Everyone needs to figure out and understand for themselves how it works and why. If I can figure it out then so can you!!

America?? We are in a life and death struggle to preserve our Constitutional Republic. The Article 5 is the last ditch effort to PEACEFULLY restore States Rights and Sovereignty. And The Countermand Amendment is the vehicle that will rein in the federal governments overreach into States Rights. Once ratified The federal government will have no choice but to treat States as partners knowing that 30 states have the authority to countermand any bad legislation.

And just for the record… 30 States may also countermand any past legislation, laws, rulings or mandates they deem harmful to their people, industry or state of affairs. Now that right there should get you excited about supporting the Countermand Resolution…

A brilliant Constitutionalist named Charles Kacprowicz shared this information with me. Charles has spent over four decades specializing in The Article 5 and is America’s leading authority on the strategy. Charles is a dear gentleman. A Brilliant Constitutional Scholar. A humble God fearing man, He is an honorable Navy Veteran as well as an experienced and dedicated American Patriot. I can easily see him sitting comfortably debating Freedom and Liberty with Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. You will love him. LOL. He is sharing some hard earned knowledge and I for one am thankful that he is sharing this important information as it may very well save America. He has shared his hard won knowledge with me and now I am here to share it with you!!  Charles knows how to successfully define and control an Article 5 amendment convention SAFELY!!

It really is a lot simpler than it may seem and The Article V Countermand Amendment Convention can be convened and adjourned within 10 days!! Charles method can be used very quickly, safely and successfully. 34 States appying for The Countermand Amendment Convention will trigger The Article V. With at least 26 (or 51%) of The 50 United States adopting The same Countermand Amendment Resolution containing the proposed Countermand Amendment text. We can successfully control both the delegates and the rules to the convention!!! Leaving zero margin for  provocatuers or mischief-makers to disrupt the proceedings.

newscaster cartoon lady

What, with all the fear mongering that goes on around The Article 5 Amendment Convention. Then top that off with the massive misinformation & confusion campaign waged against it by the enemy of Liberty for so many decades tells me that the enemy is terrified of this information and knows that if it ever becomes ‘common knowledge’ that We The People will end this tyranny!!! Peacefully and with a quickness!! The Article 5 is Sheer brilliance and pure genious on the part of our founding fathers!

I mean, afterall, the framers left it to us for just such an occasion as we have here today. To break a tyranny should it rear its ugly head. Unfortunately for us tho, it isn’t looking like We The People are smart enough anymore to figure out how to cooperate with one another and use The Article 5 Strategy properly as intended and we are running out of time. We have no more time for faulty logic, flawed theories, lollygagging or debates from over-educated eggheads who think they know it all and who insist on making a simple process difficult and confusing. If simplicity is genious I would hate to think what those guys real I.Q might be. hahah Common Core has really dumbed us down…and common sense is sadly lacking too. There is a saying that goes. The illiterates of the 21st century wont be those who cannot read. It will be those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn!!!  EDUCATION IS KEY!

The trick of it is that the State Legislatures maintain control of the amendment convention from the first application all the way though to the ratification. NEVER giving control of the convention to a delegate (who is NOT comparable to a founding father no matter how badly they might delude themselves).

It will take 34 State Legislatures to make the same application to US Congress to kick off The Article V (I recommend they use the EXACT SAME LANGUAGE on the application so there is NO mistaking that we are united on this.) The trick of it is>>>>>> The SAME proposed amendment text AND corresponding Delegate Resolution must be PRE-APPROVED by The State Legislatures by a simple majority of 51% along with the corresponding Delegate Resolution which will define and safely control  the convention AND the attending delegates. That way the rules are set ahead of time and everyone is on the same page. (Everything is ready to go and pre-approved by The State Legislatures BEFORE the delegate ever steps into the chamber or sits down to the table!!) The delegates are ambassadors of their Great State. They report to their respective State Legislatures. They are NOT at the convention to ‘write’ ANYTHING!! They are there to examine the PRE-APPROVED text of the proposed amendment in front of them discuss it, debate and vote. Get it?? (Pretty smart of our Founding Fathers huh!)

The corresponding Delegate Resolution defines and SAFELY controls the Amendment Convention and the delegates, insuring a successful outcome. The resolution will “bind” any and all state delegates to their state legislatures under penalty of prosecution should they vote contra to the will of We The People of the State Legislature they represent.

One State. One Vote. (A republican form of government) So it doesnt matter how many delegates a state wants to send because the state only gets ONE vote.  All we need are 26 State Legislatures to pre-approve The Countermand Amendment & it’s corresponding Delegate Resolution and those 26 States (51%) would control the convention!!! 

We don’t need 8 or 10 amendments because The Countermand is fewer than 400 words and can do more than all of Levin’s “Liberty Amendments” combined. (Sorry Mark) but, The Countermand really packs a punch and it has a powerful enforcement clause that empowers a State to prosecute any federal agent or entity that violates the article!! (400 words that I believe our Foundiing Fathers would be proud of indeed!) and with the delegates bound to their state and only one vote per state. There is no opportunity for rogues, scoundrels or mischief. The real question is. Do we still have 26 sane states??

One more little thing. Please, NEVER call it a “Constitutional Convention”. There will only ever be ONE con-con and that is when and where our beloved Constitution was born). There will NEVER be another Constitutional Convention unless every State secedes and begins the whole process over. The Article 5 is actually called an “Amendment Convention”.


James Madison: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former [federal powers] will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce…. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”

Ask me about The Countermand Amendment Convention! Learn the strategy and teach it to your kids!

We need help promoting and getting the word out as quickly as possible. This could literally mean the life or death of our Constitutional Republic. We need to move fast and help our State Legislators and the American people to figure out for themselves this simple strategy that the other Article V groups have made so confusing and difficult to understand, when it is, in reality, very simple.
The Countermand Resolution is a brilliant piece of legislation. I am sure our Founding Fathers would approve and applaud.

The Countermand Amendment it so powerful it that it can address (in fewer than 400 words) nearly ALL the ways the federal government has forgotten its place by trying to control the States.

We can rein in the federal government with The Countermand!!

Our State Legislatures need the power of The Countermand NOW!
1. Executive Orders
2. Court decisions
3. Budgets & Debt
4. Obamacare
5. Social Issues
6. Laws Against 2nd Amendment
7. EPA, BLM, IRS, DOJ Regulations and more COUNTERMAND IT!!

There comes a time when the politicians need to heed the wisdom of the experienced patriot. And I believe NOW IS THAT TIME!!! Together We The People will take back our country and break this tyranny!! SO JOIN CITIZEN INITIATIVES AND SUPPORT THE COUNTERMAND RESOLUTION!

Join Citizen Initiatives Today! Visit our website and find out what you can do to help educate yourself and your honorable state legislators who are trying to protect our rights. They need to know about this strategy. You will find lots more information there. You can watch an instructional video by Charles. You can check out a comparison chart that simplifies the differences between other Art 5 Groups. You can sign the electronic petition or print one out and send it to us snail mail. You can purchase a copy of Countermand Amendment: The Missing Piece of The Article 5 Puzzle and follow along with us on PNN Talk Radio as we study the material every Tuesday night at 8-10pm est. The book includes documents you can print out and view yourself and take to your State Legislator! You can even sponsor books from the website and we will send one to the State Legislators of your choice. You can click the donate button and sponsor and support Charles and The Citizen Initiatives Team as we work feverishly on a volunteer basis out of our own shallow pockets to Rescue Liberty, The Constitution and our American Heritage and return this Great Nation back under God where we belong!

People don’t be fooled when the federal government blast the news telling you that these invaders are women and children… They are not!! And don’t be fooled when you hear on the news that the border has been secured.. IT HAS NOT!!


My own county sheriff admitted to me in his office that less than 30 percent are actually women and children.. OK now if my town is being over-run at a rate of 1000 a day and only 30% of those are women and children THEN that leaves 70% of the invading hoards who comprise the worst of the worst criminals coming in from central and south america, it leaves the cartels and the gangbangers who are the foot soldiers to the cartels all of which have no respect for America or the Constitutional Rule of Law.. They have no respect for what it means to be American. 

And lets not forget that a percentage of the illegals who are crossing and who have already crossed through my town and up into yours are the jihadi warring mohamedists who want to kill our American Constitutional Republic and they hate American citizens to the core in general!! Indeed, they hate America and everything she stands for on so  many different levels.. they hate our liberty and our freedom period.

They are islamic, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim either so just stop right there. If there is such a thing as a moderate muslim he would be the one hoping the radical muslim hurries up and cuts your infidel head off… Islam is not a religion. OK? That needs to be made clear. Islam is a political theory of conquest, lying is perfectly acceptable on order to get to the one goal they covet which is world domination by any means necessary! 

They whine and cry about rights for the minority namely them… Well I have a challenge for you. Name me a single muslim country concerned with the rights of the minorites in the sharia controlled country… Those unfotunate minorities under muslim rule have no rights under that damnable sharia law!! Right this minute they are slaughtering minorities world-wide. Murdering, raping, and hell-bent on destroying any who wont submit to islam. Our freedoms and liberties ‘OFFEND’ them. Heck everything offends them..

America needs to stop being so darn politically correct, also, and go with the zero tolerance stance to this anti-social group of savages who have infiltrated our country illegally. And fully intend to do whatever it takes to destroy America. So let me go on the record to say that mohamed offends every fiber of my being. And to the christians who are listening.. there is such a thing as righteous hatred… even god hates wickedness so remember that.


That is only one of the many problems we are facing in America today, We have a US Congress that is so far out of bounds with following the constitutional law of the land it isnt even funny . In fact, it frightens me to no end!!  They are passing things like the NDAA so that we can be detained indefinitely without due process, ACA aka obamacare, has destroyed our medical and health industry, they are trying to give our rights over to the UN who want to disarm Americans and take away all our God given unalienable rights to live our lives as we see fit!! OK? I dont know about you guys but my rights aren’t anyones to take or give away and no one owns me or my family!! I also know that if we lose our 2nd amendment right to bear arms we will have no way to protect the rest of our rights. And an honorable statesman need not fear an armed populace but a corrupt politician rightly does. Thomas Jefferson said that.

We’ve got the EPA and BLM and all manner of alphabet agencies stripping us of our rights daily with their ridiculous industry killing rules and regulations.

We’ve got unconstitutional federal land grabs going on all across the country that are devastating our States ability to be good stewards of our lands in America!! For Pete’s sake during the Bundy stand of in Nevada the BLM was claiming they were protecting the same tortoise that they were busily euthanizing behind closed doors!! DC has no clue how to care for land that is thousands of miles from their location!! And for the record according to the Congressional Research Service, The Constitution provides for limited federal lands within each state, originally assumed to be about 1 to 2%, to be purchased for post roads, forts, arsenals, etc. So how is it, then, that the federal government owns 62% of Alaska and 47% of 11 border-sharing Western states!!

Federal land theft is a polished art, with federal ownership at 635 million acres, or 28% of available US land, most of it in the West. here is a a hint: vast oil and mineral reserves exactly underlie confiscated lands.

“Where is Congress when we need it to stand up to these bureaucratic bullies?” The answer: They are busy passing legislation behind our backs, under the table, behind closed doors and making treasonous agreements with their corporate sponsors!! Honestly, they should have to wear sponsor patches like the race car drivers do so we know what corporate sponsor they really work for because they sure dont work for We The Peoples’ best interest. They are in it for themselves!

We’ve got the IRS targeting political opponents, we’ve got our Veterens being disrespected at every turn, benefits being cut in favor of placing illegal invaders on welfare. Our veterens are dying from lack of medical care who are supposed to be under VA care which is what will happen to us too under obamacare..

We have our children being taught nothing useful in our schools. Common Core is Marxism 101, teaching our children to be good little slaves. its a nightmare and in my opinion it is akin to child mental abuse!!! We don’t need to teach our kids what to think.. We need to teach them HOW TO THINK FOR THEMSELVES!! 


We have unborn babies being murdered at a rate of over 3500 a day in America!! (THAT IS WORSE THAN A 911 WTC EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!) without protection or rights while the EPA and BLM are so worried about and busy protecting piping plover birds eggs and humpbacked chubb fish eggs but the human fetus is of no value what-so-ever according to them!! This is a very troubling silent holocaust!! Those murdered on the womb unborn are OUR AMERICAN HERITAGE!

And dont forget all the voter fraud and im sure Im forgetting something. Oh and how about all the spying on Americans and ignoring mosques and anything having to do with islam terrorists like we the law abiding people are the ones out to destroy America!!

I could go on and on. We all have our own cause to defend.. And lord knows there are plenty to choose from.. it is time for all Americans to unite under one cause and to take back what has been stolen from us! We must not leave this mess to our future generations. We cannot lose our freedom and liberty for if we do then we have lost it for our kids and grandkids as well and that is unacceptable to me and to you too Im willing to bet.

So enough about all the problems we are facing in America and let’s get on to solutions! Charles Kacprowicz has discovered the safe, fast and successful waay to control the Article 5 Amendment Convention using something called a Delegate Resolution.. The formula is really so simple that many over-thinkers are having a difficult time grasping just how simplistic it is.. as Sandy said it is pure Common Sense! When The Citizen Inititives method finally becomes common knowledge we can end this tyranny in a very short amount of time and without having to fire a single shot!

countermand spelled right lol

Americans everywhere are discovering that we can reclaim our Constitutional Republic safely, quickly and peacefully with the non-partisan Countermand Amendment, under Article V, through State Legislators, bypassing Congress, the Courts and Executive Branch.

We can AND WILL restore our Constitutional Republic and States Rights under Article V, through State Legislatures and without the consent of Congress, the Courts or the Executive Branch. Our founders knew that someday we would need The Article V as illustrated by this quote: “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yeild, and government to gain ground.” – Thomas Jefferson to Edward Carrington, Paris, May 27, 1788
The Convention of States group is painting themselves into a corner. They are advocating for The State Legislatures to abdicate the sovereign authority AND deliberative status that our founding fathers left to the State Legislatures. They and they alone have authority under Article 5 of The Constitution. COS expects State Legislatures to just hand over that power to a bunch of delegates, who will then write a remedy for you. A delegate is not at the AMENDMENT CONVENTION to write anything and is simply an ambassador of their respective State Legislature! The Article V is an Amendment Convention not a Constitutional Convention and this confusing terminology must end!! The Governor has no authority under Article V, however The Governor should support The Countermand Amendment as it will benefit his State in a big way.
The proposed amendment text and corresponding delegate resolution must be PRE-APPROVED by The State Legislatures. It is imperative that you maintain your power under Article 5, from the application all the way thru to the ratification, as opposed to a bunch of unbound politically charged delegates who want to write a remedy at the convention!! In my mind that is simply asking for mayhem, confusion and chaos.
To hand over State Legislative sovereign authority to a delegate is an extremely dangerous precedent that we must guard against.
As you are well aware, the several States created the Federal Government to have very limited powers, with the lions share of powers remaining with the independent States. 34 States applying under the same title to Congress DO NOT REQUIRE permission to convene The Article V Countermand Amendment Convention. Once the constitutional requirement has been met. 34 States applying under the same title have the right and the duty to modify the conduct of the Federal goverment whether the US Congress, Courts or Executive like it or not. That is the genious and purpose of The Article 5 Strategy.
The Federal government is subject to the collective will of today’s State Legislatures under Article V.  The Founders wisely left for future Legislatures sovereignty and deliberative authority that empowers them to modify the conduct of the Federal government through Amendment Conventions when the people suffer an egregious wrong that the Federal government refuses to remedy.  State Legislatures do not need the consent of any Branch of the Federal government to convene an Amendment Convention for the purpose of proposing Amendments to the United States Constitution.
I wish to add a quote by James Madison for you to consider: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite. The former [federal powers] will be exercised principally on external objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce…. The powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties, and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and prosperity of the State.”
With 26 of the required 34 calling States approving the same or similar delegate resolution that contains the proposed amendment text you can control the convention with 51% of all States and insure a safe, quick and successful outcome. And YOU control the rules for the convention and conduct of the delegates from start to finish. The delegate resolution is the missing piece of The Article V puzzle and means the difference between months, maybe years of politically charged debate before the convention can even begin (COS strategy) or a quick successful convention that can be completed in as few as 7-10 days (The Citizen Initiatives Strategy) !!!
I would never do anything to harm my beloved Constitution and I am confident that you feel the same way. Please, I am begging you to  investigate the Citizen Initiatives strategy further. Don’t be deceived into giving away your authority to ANY delegate!! Compare our strategy with COS and discover for yourself how much more common sense The Citizen Initiatives strategy makes.

The Countermand Amendment is a simple, yet brilliant, piece of legislation consisting of fewer than 400 words. We do not need 8-10 amendments to get our federal government under control, because the Countermand Amendment is so powerful. 30 states can countermand Obamacare, Dodd-Frank. all the unreasonable EPA regulations (like the ones destroying the coal industry), federal land grabs, Supreme Court decisions like Roe v. Wade or eliminating prayer from schools, Executive Orders like the threatened one on immigration amnesty, any tax increases, raising the debt limit and out-of -control budgets, and any other legislation already passed. If States wished to remove the federal government from control of our schools, the law creating the Department of Education could be countermanded. The Countermand would also be a future protection against loss of our 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights as well as any onerous future legislation.

This amendment is also “tools with teeth”. It provides a criminal penalty for violating the amendment, whereby a state can prosecute federal violators.
Citizen Initiatives is working tirelessly to get the 34 calls needed during 2015/2016 in order to call for the amendment convention. Will your Great State support the Countermand Amendment to be one of the 34?
I urge you to investigate. This strategy was left to us for a reason. For the States to be able to modify The Federal Government and to put a quick halt to tyranny and federal overreach. . I truly believe with all my heart and soul that the founding fathers would applaud the brilliance and ingenuity of The Countermand Amendment.
Charles Kacprowicz has discovered the missing piece to the Article V Puzzle. Our State Legislatures need the power of The Countermand NOW! LEARN HOW UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS CAN BE COUNTER-MANDED AND RESCINDED:
1. Executive Orders
2. Court decisions
3. Budgets & Debt
4. Obamacare
5. Social Issues
6. Laws Against 2nd Amendment
7. EPA, BLM, IRS, DOJ Regulations and more COUNTERMAND IT!!


Single Issue Countermand Amendment Convention

To assure that Congress will convene the Countermand Amendment Convention it is important that all Calling States have identical Titles and language in their Applications.

For a PDF copy of the Application on Congress click this link:


​ To assure a safe, quick and successful Countermand Amendment Convention this text must be pre-approved by Calling States and included in the Delegate Resolution.

For a PDF copy of the Countermand Amendment click: ​


​ Delegates are Ambassadors of their State Legislatures, they are not free agents!  To assure a safe, quick and successful Convention it is necessary that all Calling States have the same instructions to their delegates to the Convention. This will prevent possible violations of Article I,  Section10 prohibiting  Interstate Agreements without the consent of Congress. The Governor has no Article V authority and does not have to sign this Resolution.

For a PDF copy of the Delegate Resolution click this link:

Please print the links and discover for yourself the beauty and power of The Countermand Amendment and the genius of The Citizen Initiatives well-defined Article V strategy before you sign off on The Convention of States approach of giving them your authority in exchange for their promises of an orderly convention and effective remedy.
Thank you for your time, dedication and service,
From Kelli D Gordon serving as National Coordinator
for Citizen Initiatives under the direction of Mr Charles Kacprowicz
My contact info is:
Kelli D Gordon
McAllen, TX 78504
Visit the website at:

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