Red White and Blue Fest

SUNNY HILL, FL – MAY 1-3, 2015



This is very big folks. Please join us on May 1-3, 2015 at the RED, WHITE AND BLUE FEST at Sunny Hill, FL. I have been invited to be the featured teacher at the “Constitution Seminar”. We will be sharing insights into our Constitution that present day scholars are missing and teaching how we are now beginning to restore our Constitution with the Article V Countermand Amendment. There will be several question and answer sessions for patriots to participate in.

I will also be autographing copies of my new book “COUNTERMAND AMENDMENT The Missing Piece in the Article V Puzzle.”

May 1-3, 2015
The Teaching Event part of the strategy to remove politicians and bureaucrats who break their oath of office and/or commit crimes against the people! I hope you can take a few minutes to read the following information and let us know what you think and/or if you want to help in some way! Red White and Blue Fest is going to be a teaching event for citizen grand juries, citizen warrants and other legal recourse’s as well as founding documents and how they validate the legality of citizen grand juries and other legal remedies.
An emphasis will be for leaders of national and local groups to come out and meet each other so that we can get some confidence about working together. We have learned from going to numerous trucker rides, biker rides, and patriot events such as OAS that a lack of familiarity of leaders with each other is a major drawback to getting things done and getting people to come out together.

Take Action
From the various rides and other patriot events it is also clear that people want action and to do something for real instead of just going to rallies (and basically complain)! Therefore we have set an event (already existing) for a date for action and Red White and Blue Fest as a stepwise part of the procedure to make the process successful in terms of doing real action. We are targeting the 9-11 Patriot Rides in DC. To precede that, at Red White and Blue Fest in addition to being a meet and great for national and local leaders of patriot groups, we will equip as many patriots as possible to go back to their states and do citizen grand juries and citizen warrants as well as pursue other legal actions. By 9-11 next year there should be enough time to get citizen warrants and citizen grand jury verdicts to take to Washington, DC for the 9-11 biker ride which is going to become a Patriot Ride including bikers, truckers, veterans, law enforcement, farmers, and every patriot and patriot group that will join the ride.

Eviction Notice
We are not going for concerts and speakers. We are going for the purpose to call out and arrest, if possible, all of those in government who have violated their oath of office and committed other crimes against the people. This could also be done under the statutes regarding sedition but finding a court or courts that would hear the cases might not be possible. Whatever means works, whether it is Citizen Grand Juries or the Statutory Courts and sedition charges doesn’t matter! Any and all means can be pursued at the same time! Let’s just get it done! We are going to go back to the original ride idea started by Top Fuel Bill and his 2 Million Bikers To DC for which he got the National Coalition Of Motorcyclists Silver Spoke Award. The Silver Spoke is the bikers version of Nobel prizes. But, instead of riding through DC there will be one stop! That stop will have two parts. We will surround the National Capital Building and the White House with all of our patriot riders from all groups and additionally have CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers) and Oath Keepers with us to enforce the Citizen Warrants resulting from the verdicts of the Citizen Grand Juries.

Red White and Blue Fest Sponsor Package

I. Sponsors will have a very generous amount of privileges at Red White and Blue Fest
A. Proportionate share in 50% of the net proceeds of the event.
B. Rights to sell product
C. Exhibitor Space
D. Proportionate amount of space for banners to be determined according to space available in       the layout of the event staging fencing and etc.
E. VIP Welcoming Party
F. Preferred Seating for Concerts
G. Listed in the Official Event Program
H. Listed on the event T-shirt
I. Title Sponsor name appears in the event title at the top

II. Event Demographics
The central strategy to draw attendees to Red White and Blue Fest is to work with broad groups and their organized sub groups within the target categories of desired attendees. From experience doing events with the targeted groupings we expect the bulk of attendees to fall within the age range of 25 to 60 and be equally divided between men and women. The bikers will tend to be more to the 40 to 65 age range while the truckers will tend to be more in the 30 to 55 age range!

Targeted Groups with whom we have extensive experience

1. Truckers
2. Bikers
3. Veterans and active military
4. Farmers
5. RVers
6.Patriot Groups

7. Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Health Administrators, Teachers, 1st Responders, Tradesmen of all types, Law Enforcement, workers of every stripe, people from every background,


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