The Minuteman
November 26th, 2014
Overpasses For America

dead michael brown

The true tragedy of the shooting of Michael Brown is not so much in his death, but at the wasteland his life had become.
Raised by a mother who’s main concern was profiteering over the death of her son, and a step father who’s infamous words spoke volumes when Officer Wilson was cleared, “Burn this bitch down!”

His words of hate, brought on by a deeply ingrained racist mentality, brought us a city in flames, and a nation once again divided along racial lines…
Sadly, before Barack Hussein Obama had arrived on the scene, race relations across America were the best they had ever been, and steadily improving as the sad legacy of the racist past of America faded into distant memory.

President Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, The Black Panthers, and other race baiting trolls of America are the ones to blame for this, as much as Michael Brown and his parents are.

Here are some of the examples of the value of the life of Michael Brown….
A burned out city…





We’ve all seen the pictures of Ferguson, the entire incident is a macabre circus of misguided reasons to protest…

Had Officer Wilson been wrong, and Michael Brown had actually been that “Gentle Giant” as he was described, I could sympathize with the protesters..

Everyone in America knows without a shadow of a doubt that Officer Wilson had every right to defend himself, regardless of the fact that he was wearing a badge.

From the beginning of the entire situation, I believed that Officer Wilson would be cleared…
Fortunately, I have the education to make a reasonable assessment of the situation and come to a plausible scenario and accurate chain of events..
As the Grand Jury confirmed, my assessment of the situation was accurate.

As a former law enforcement professional, having taken MANY college classes on Crime Scene Investigation, I can assure you that the reason Officer Wilson was cleared of all wrongdoing, is because there was no wrongdoing…
I have the education, and have investigated hundreds of crime scenes, collected evidence, written reports, you name it…
Michael Brown was no saint, and was not some cuddly teenager, nor a gentle giant..

He was a criminal with a long record..

He assaulted Officer Wilson, attempted to take his gun, two shots were discharged, one into the hand of Michael Brown…
Michael Brown then got up, and with his back toward the officer, gave a “hands up” gesture which is NOT a surrender, but more accurately described as a DISMISSAL..
Whereupon something happened to bring Michael Brown to turn and charge the already injured Officer Wilson.
Officer Wilson, then having been the victim of a violent assault, exercised his God given right to self-defense and discharged his firearm, fatally wounding the attacking Michael Brown…

Officer Wilson, regardless of his badge, was simply exercising his God given right to defend his life. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whether or not you agree with this, is entirely up to you..
The evidence has supported this chain of events since the first day.

It is a tragedy that Michael Brown was raised so poorly, that his ego caused him to believe that he was immortal, and that he could attack a man armed with a firearm and win…

The continuing tragedy is that the entire situation is a fiasco that should have never occurred if we did not have the likes of Obama, Holder, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers profiteering from the events in Ferguson….

if there are riots ferguson

America has to make a choice… We can continue to entertain and tolerate the racist blight on this nation, or we can shun them and put them in our past..

It’s high time to remove Obama from office, retire Jackson and Sharpton, and then without any doubt, put The Black Panthers BACK on the domestic terrorist watch list and act accordingly.

impeach for sedition

THE REAL TRAGEDY OF FERGUSON….. More Psy-ops and false flags

Published Nov 26, 2014 By Red Pill Revolution
100% Proof Ferguson STAGED Media RACE WAR Operation!

Published on Aug 25, 2014
What exactly have we seen? A video of the shooting footage does not exist! All we have seen is a dummy corpse laying on the ground with his face hidden. Someone who allegedly got shot multiple times without ANY blood.
This Michael Brown story is completely made up. This is Trayvon Martin
hoax 2.0. They tried so hard with that Trayvon Martin shit to push that
race agitation agenda and they were desperate that it didn’t work out
and now they are at it again. Don’t fall for it! Subscribe and share


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