BREAKING: Texas Just Made a Huge Announcement… The Resistance Is Starting

There’s nothing quiet about Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbott’s transition from his current Attorney General post to the state’s top executive office.

In a flourish that showcased his conservative principles, duty to his current office, and freshly minted referendum from the people of the Lone Star State, Abbott threw down the gauntlet to Obama on executive action regarding amnesty.


Interviewed on Fox News Monday, Abbott said Texas will sue the Obama administration if the president tries to overstep the bounds of his executive power and interfere in immigration and naturalization issues.

“If the president crosses the line he’s going to see an overwhelming rejection of what he’s trying to do, so he better not overstep,” Abbott said, adding, “if he does, for one of course we’ll be involved with another lawsuit against him but [for] another you can expect quite a strong pushback [from the people].”

Abbott, and sitting governor Ricky Perry, face a difficult situation in the border state of Texas, made all the harder by the Obama administration’s utter refusal to enforce the law of the land.

But Obama can’t leave bad enough alone, and instead of simply being a non-actor who refuses to enforce the law, the president is determined to actually promote additional illegal immigration, approving programs that attract illegals and working on programs that will allow those illegals to stay once they get here.

Obama’s entire flawed worldview manifests in the illegals/amnesty issue. He has no respect for the rule of law. He doesn’t care about Americans. He wants to redistribute American wealth. And he believes his ideas are more important than those of the people he works for. He is completely self-centered and self-deluded.

November 10, 2014 by

Greg Abbott puts Obama on warning:

The incoming governor of Texas delivered a stern warning to President Obama via Fox News on Monday, declaring any executive order on illegal aliens would produce a “tremendous backlash” across the country – not to mention another lawsuit from the Lone Star State.

In an interview, Gov.-elect Greg Abbott, the current attorney general, said Texas Obama’s frequent vows to invoke questionable executive power to change immigration law have forced Texans to prepare for yet another “surge” of illegals crossing from the south.

Texas has shouldered considerable expense dealing with the problem of illegal immigration that’s being worsened by the White House, Abbott said, and one horn of any lawsuit would be getting the federal government to pay for problems it’s causing.

But he said the larger point is that immigration laws are made by the country from Capitol Hill, not the White House.

“We’re expecting the White House will not cross the line,” he said. “If the president crosses the line, he’s going to see an overwhelming rejection of what he’s trying to do.”

Both the House and the newly Republican Senate will be pushing back against amnesty, Abbott said, and he predicted a “tremendous backlash” among Americans as a whole. Even Hispanics in Texas, he said, support a sensible immigration law that concentrates on border security.

“The first step is to secure the border,” he said. “As long as the president is inviting people to come here illegally, we will never see a secure border.”

POLL: 64% of Hispanics Want Illegals Deported

“R”esident Obama and many of the progressives currently in office hoped that by ignoring the border crisis, the influx of illegals crossing over would convince Americans that mass amnesty was needed, giving the president leverage to justify using an executive order to bypass Congress.

The hope was that anyone who states they want these individuals sent home would be viewed as a racist, further building support for Obama’s scheme to expand the voter base using illegal immigrants.

TX Governor-Elect Abbott: I’ll Sign Open Carry Handgun Bill As Soon As It Reaches My Desk

This comment by Kelli: This isn’t about Latinos. Amnesty is for oblahblahs jihad pals. PERIOD!



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