Hey America! Check Out The Power of The Countermand Amendment!

Hey guess what!

I found out how to safely define and control the Article 5 Amendment Convention! Put on your thinking cap and join me with Citizen Initiatives and Charles Kacprowicz. Discover for yourself what Americans across this Great Nation are finding out! The power of The Countermand! We The People WILL reclaim America through our State Legislatures, bypassing The US Congress, Judicial and Executive Branches of Government. FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN HELP!!

This brilliant piece of legislation would make The Founding Fathers proud. Fewer than 400 words, this 8 clause stroke of genious was conceived through years of prayer and Constitutional study, Toss in a giant dose of love and dedication to The American Way of Life with a focus on Exceptionalism, God and Country. Fold in a heaping helping of common sense and logic and you have the remedy to an ailing Constitution and the means to Countermand a tyrannical federal government.

The Countermand will re-empower our Constitution and your Honorable State Legislators will have the perfect tool to rein in this bloated federal beast and bring it back down to size. No more federal land grabs, no more liberty kiling dangerous E.Os, no more Obamacare, no more Common Core, no more industry killing rules and regs. Your Great State will once again be able to use and benefit from your own states unique wealth of resources and much much more!! Countermand aps are practically unlimited!!

30 States will be able to Countermand any government law or mandate handed down to them past and present! When in the opinion of 30 or more states ANY ruling is considered to be detrimental to your Great State it will be automatically and immediately struck down. This will force the federal government to learn to partner with the states and think twice before trying to ‘shove’ any more bad legislation down our throats. The States will once again be able to take an active part in what direction they want  their state and this country to go.

The simplicity of the Citizen Initiatives Art 5 Strategy is unique and unparralleled and will literally save our collective American butts. Contact me or visit the web site to find out how you can help get this thru your State Legislature NOW!






A Very Simple Explanation of The Citizen Initiatives Article 5 Strategy Amendment Convention

countermand spelled right lol

The Power of The Countermand


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