President Barack Obama 202-456-1414

US Senator Harry Reid D-NV 202-224-3542 Majority Leader
US Senator Jeff Sessions R-AL 202-224-4124 Judiciary & Armed Services Committees
US Senator Richard Shelby R-AL 202-224-5744
US Senator John Boozman R-AR 202-224-4843
US Senator Mark Pryor D-AR 202-224-2353
US Senator Jeff Flake R-AZ 202-224-4521 Judiciary Committee
US Senator John McCain R-AZ 202-224-2235 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Diane Feinstein D-CA 202-224-3841 Judiciary Committee
US Senator Barbara Boxer D-CA 202-224-3553
US Senator Mark Udall D-CO 202-224-5941 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Michael Bennet D-CO 202-224-5852 Finance Committee
US Senator Blumenthal D-CT 202-224-2823 Judiciary & Armed Services Committees
US Senator Thomas Carper D-DE 202-224-6324 FinanceJudiciary Committee
US Senator Bill Nelson D-FL 202-224-5274 Armed Services/Finance
US Senator Marco Rubio R-FL 202-224-3041
US Senator Saxby Chambliss R-GA 202-224-3521
US Senator Johnny Isakson R-GA 202-224-3643 Finance Committee
US Senator Mazie Hirono D-HI 202-224-6361 Judiciary & Armed Services Committees
US Senator Mitch McConnell R-KY 202-224-2541 Minority Leader
US Senator Rand Paul R-KY 202-224-4343
US Senator Pat Roberts R-KS 202-224-4774 Finance Committee
US Senator Mary Landrieu D-LA 202-224-5824
US Senator David Vitter R-LA 202-224-4623 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Chuck Grassley R-IA 202-224-3744 Ranking Republican Judiciary & Finance
US Senator Dick Durbin D-IL 202-224-2152 Judiciary Committee
US Senator Daniel Coats R-IN 202-224-5623
US Senator John Donnelly D-IN 202-224-4814 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Mike Crapo R-ID 202-224-6142 Finance Committee
US Senator James Risch R-ID 202-224-2752
US Senator Angus King I-ME 202-224-5344 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Benjamin Cardin D-MD 202-224-4524 Finance Committee
US Senator Carl Levin D-MI 202-224-6221 Armed Services Chairman
US Senator Debbie Stabenow D-MI 202-224-4822 Finance Committee
US Senator Amy Klobuchar D-MN 202-224-3244 Judiciary Committee
US Senator Al Franken D-MN 202-224-5641 Judiciary Committee
US Senator Claire McCaskill D-MO 202-224-6154 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Roy Blunt R-MO 202-224-5721 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Roger Wicker R-MS 202-224-6253 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Max Baucus D-MT 202-224-2651 Finance Committee Chair
US Senator Deb Fischer R-NE 202-224-4814 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Robert Menendez D-NJ 202-224-4744 Finance Committee
US Senator Jeanne Shaheen D-NH 202-224-2841 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Kelly Ayotte R-NH 202-224-3324 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Richard Burr R-NC 202-224-3154 Finance Committee
US Senator Kay Hagan D-NC 202-224-6342 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Kristen Gillibrand D-NY 202-224-4451 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Charles Schumer D-NY 202-224-6542 Finance & Judiciary Comms s
US Senator Sherrod Brown D-OH 202-224-2315 Finance Committee
US Senator Rob Portman R-OH 202-224-3353 Finance Committee
US Senator Tom Coburn R-OK 202-224-5754
US Senator James Inhoff R-OK 202-224-4721 Armed Services Ranking Member
US Senator Ron Wyden D-OR 202-224-5244 Finance Committee
US Senator Robert Casey D-PA 202-224-6324 Finance Committee
US Senator Patrick Toomey R-PA 202-224-4254 Finance Committee
US Senator Jack Reed D-RI 202-224-4642 Armed Services Committee
US Senator S. Whitehouse D-RI 202-224-2921 Judiciary Committee
US Senator Tim Scott R-SC 202-224-6121
US Senator Lindsay Graham R-SC 202-224-5972 Judiciary & Armed Services Committees
US Senator John Thune R-SD 202-224-2321 Finance Committee
US Senator Lamar Alexander R-TN 202-224-4944
US Senator Bob Corker R-TN 202-224-3344
US Senator John Cornyn R-TX 202-224-2934 Judiciary & Finance Comms
US Senator Ted Cruz R-TX 202-224-5922 214-361-3500 Judiciary & Armed Services Committees
US Senator Orrin Hatch R-UT 202-224-5251 Judiciary Committee
US Senator Mike Lee R-UT 202-224-5444 Judiciary & Armed Services Committees
US Senator Tim Kane D-VA 202-224-4024 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Patrick Leahy D-VT 202-224-4242 Judiciary Chairman
US Senator Maria Cantwell D-WA 202-224-3441 Finance Committee
US Senator Joe Manchin III D-WV 202-224-3954 Armed Services Committee
US Senator Rockefeller IV D-WV 202-224-6472 Finance Committee
US Senator Michael Enzi R-WY 202-224-3424 Finance Committee

US Representative Louie Gohmert R-TX1 202-225-3035
US Representative Ted Poe R-TX2 202-225-6565
US Representative Samuel Johnson R-TX3 202-225-4201
US Representative Ralph Hall R-TX4 202-225-6673
US Representative Jeb Hensarling R-TX5 202-225-3484
US Representative Joe L. Barton R-TX6 202-225-2002
US Representative John Culberson R-TX7 202-225-2571
US Representative Kevin Brady R-TX8 202-225-4901
US Representative Michael McCaul R-TX10 202-225-2401
US Representative Mike Conaway R-TX11 202-225-3605
US Representative Kay Granger R-TX12 202-225-5071
US Representative Mac Thornberry R-TX13 202-225-3706
US Representative Randy Weber R-TX14 202-225-2831
US Representative Ruben Hinojosa D-TX15 202-225-2531 956-682-0141
US Representative Bill Flores R-TX17 202-225-6105
US Representative Randy Neugebauer R-TX19 202-225-4005
US Representative Lamar Smith R-TX21 202-225-4236
US Representative Pete Olson R-TX22 202-225-5951
US Representative Kenny Marchant R-TX24 202-225-6605
US Representative Roger Williams R-TX25 202-225-9896
US Representative Michael Burgess R-TX26 202-225-7772
US Representative Blake Farenthold R-TX27 202-225-7742
US Representative Henry Cuellar D-TX28 202-225-1640 956-424-3942
US Representative Gene Green R-TX29 202-225-1688
US Representative John Carter R-TX31 202-225-3864
US Representative Pete Sessions R-TX32 202-225-2231
US Representative Filemon Vela D-TX34 202-225-9901 956-544-8352
US Representative Lloyd Doggett D-TX35 202-225-4865
US Representative Steve Stockman R-TX36 202-225-1555

US House Speaker John Boehner R-OH08 202-225-6205 202-225-0704
US Representative Paul Ryan R-WI01 202-225-3031 Budget Chairman
US Representative Eric Cantor R-VA07 202-225-4000 Majority Leader
US Representative Darrell Issa R-CA49 202-225-3906 House Oversight
US Representative Paul Gosar R-AZ4 202-225-2315
US Representative Kevin McCarthy R-CA23 202-225-2915
Us Representative Steve King R-IA4 202-225-4426
US Representative Michele Bachmann R-MN6 202-225-2331


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