Here’s Why the US Military is About to Turn On Obama Once and For All

With each passing day, opposition to President Obama within the military grows stronger and stronger, as men and women in uniform have grown sick and tired of serving a Commander-in-Chief that openly disrespects them, doesn’t have two brain cells to rub together when it comes to foreign policy, and can’t make a solid, firm decision to save his life.

gunny now what hit them with your purse lmao

While these are all good reasons for Obama to lose the respect of the military, the armed forces may turn on him completely for an entirely different reason: he’s a criminal.

gunny-obama kick start your skull

According to L. Todd Wood, a columnist for Western Journalism, many members of the US military are facing the tough decision of whether or not to follow Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief, due to the fact he’s broken numerous laws and violated his oath of office. Wood cites the president’s abuse of power in using various agencies as a weapon to silence his political opposition and the Benghazi cover up as examples of his lawlessness. This creates a moral dilemma for service members, as Wood asks “For at the end of the day, how can you serve a criminal?”

Chances are, if Obama’s involvement in criminal matters like the IRS scandal or the Benghazi cover up can be proven, they won’t.

gunny giving bho hell

Obama is the most disgraceful man to ever sit in the White House, and he’s proven this to be true over and over again with each new scandal or gaffe that pops up on the scene. The US military are well aware that he’s a criminal, and most of them already have little to no respect for him. In fact, the president should be sitting in a jail cell, not out playing golf or attending fundraisers.


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