Very Exciting News & Developments Going On At Camp Lone Star

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The men and women at Camp Lone Star are a highly effective team of American Patriots who have, in a very short span of time, already turned around hundreds of illegals who wanted to trespass thru the private property of an American landowner they have sworn to defend.

Camp Lone Star has a new mailing address for Patriots who want to mail gas cards, supplies, etc. Thanks so very much for the help. 1225 N. Expressway, #1C-147, Brownsville, Texas 78520….

Please pledge generously and regularly to this most worthy cause

KC Massey III PayPal is at or

Archie Seals PayPal is at

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Tell everyone to come check us out on THIS Friday at 5:30pm for our Debut show. Archie and I will be on to answer questions and share what is happening on the Border.

Debut of Camp LoneStar Border talk Radio show. Show will be brodcasted live from Brownsville Texas and we will discuss the immediate issues facing us on the Border. We will be talking about Border Patrol and the obstacles they have placed in front of us, the “patriots” who are going around spreading false information, Those who are attempting to profiteer from the blood and sweat of those who are actually doing the job of securing our border. We will talk about our immediate Camp needs and how those who want to come help can, and those who want to donate will be given our latest ways to get support to the border. Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you the American People and Patriots.

Archie Seals and KC Massey III will be on to talk about what is happening on the Border.

FLAG DA VINCI QUOTE  Border Veterans Retreat

To be named FORT RUSTY  after Cuban “Rusty” Monsees a dedicated American Patriot!
We the American People want to give back to those who have given for us.

We are trying to buy the last border property with acreage in Brownsville Texas as a retreat for Vets.
We envision this to be a NON Profit, no charge facility for vets to come down and relax in the beauty is South Texas.  PTSD and other physical disabilities have taken so much from our vets and we want to give them a place to get back to nature and forget thier problems if only for a little while. Staff and Directors will all be NON PAID volunteers that are Vets.
This property is also one of the last actual border properties where Vets can actually do some good for themselves and the country by helping protect our border from Illegal invaders.

We will be talking about this on blog talk radio @

Our new Tshirt. The “Official” Border Regulator shirt.
Go get a few and show your support for Camp LoneStar helping to secure our borders!


3 thoughts on “Very Exciting News & Developments Going On At Camp Lone Star

  1. Sorry spell correcter ducks we have a unit in AZ we are mostly contractors we can help guys medical supplies and chow email us we will help


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