What On Earth Is Going On At Camp Lone Star?

Sept. 15, 2014

~ KC Massey III ~ One of the American Citizen Border Defenders at Camp Lone Star in Brownsville Texas is explaining to one of the local KRGV News reporters how Camp Lone Star has come under attack as the result of a recent article released by KRVG citing inaccurate sources.

september 15 sharon and the birds 035

 KC is part of a highly effective team of American Patriots who have, in a very short span of time, already turned around hundreds of illegals who wanted to trespass thru the private property of an American landowner they have sworn to defend.

camp lone star flags

Occasionally, you may hear team members light heartedly calling themselves “Rusty’s Regulators”, in honor of the landowner who has suffered so egregiously due to the lack of concern by a government that no longer cares about the Constitution being upheld in America or for the harm being inflicted upon We The People. These brave men and women have taken a stand and have vowed to protect the landowner, his property and provide a permanent deterrent to the dangerous, invasive trespasses of a neverending constant stream of illegals who have wreaked havok on the life of an American landowner and his family for many decades.

Several members of the landowners family, including pets, have been threatened, targeted and murdered by the criminal cartels through the many years that his family have owned the property dating back to the 1940’s.. including the massacre of one branch of his family tree as they sat down together for a meal and were confronted with a man who burst into the home and shot all 6 members of his family down in cold blood, plus killing the two family pets as they left the horrific devastation at the scene of the crime.

Since the release of the unfortunate article that contained inaccurate statements misrepresenting The Citizen Border Defenders at Camp Lone Star as being ‘militia’ by KRGV, the team of American Citizen Border Defenders have been falsely associated with a different group whose stated intention is to close all the ports of entry until their demands have been met.

The inflammatory and provocative false information that was given to KRGV reporters by some of the members of a group of individuals who have a completely different agenda than those at Camp Lone Star, once again endangering the team at Camp Lone Star even more now than ever before.

By  ‘borrowing’ from the celebrity of The Citizen Border Defenders success and moxy, and by creating even more controversy at Camp Lone Star, which is already embroiled in a volatile situation created when one of the men on patrol from Camp Lone Star was shot at 5x by a Border Patrol agent, who then proceeded to detain the team for 5 unnecessary hours, calling in even more Border Patrol, DHS, DPS, Brownsville PD and Deputies of The Cameron County Sheriffs Dept.

Apparently, it requires 30 – 40 law enforcement officers from 5 different agencies on the scene of a shooting instigated by one of their own LEO’s to question 3 non threatening, law abiding citizens on private property who had clear permission to be patrolling on the property where they came under “friendly fire?’ by the BP. Makes me wonder:

One: How is it that a trained BP Agent felt the need to fire, not one but five bullets at a non-threatening  American who is legally carrying a fire arm on private property.

Two: How many illegals waltzed across the border during this ridiculous waste of time?

Three: When is the last time any border agent fired on an actual illegal crossing onto American soil?

Four: How is it that the BP chose not to return fire during an incident that took place some miles west on the Rincon Peninsula back in July 2014?

posted Sat 19 July 2014 08:36 PM

Fox NewsEXCLUSIVE: RINCON PENINSULA, Texas — U.S. Border Patrol agents on the American side of the Rio Grande were forced to take cover Friday night when high-caliber weaponry was fired at them from the Mexican side of the river, sources told FoxNews.com.

The weapons were fired at the U.S. side of the riverbank in the area of the Rincon Peninsula across the Rio Grande from Reynosa, Mexico, at about 8:30 p.m., sources said. Bullets ricocheted into an area where Border Patrol agents were positioned, Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, told FoxNews.com.

Border Patrol sources confirmed Gohmert’s account, and said the shots may have been fired by .50-caliber weapons.

“We don’t have any armor that can stop a .50-caliber round, so our Border Patrol agents had to take cover when the rounds were richocheting around them,” said Gohmert, who has been in the area for the last week to get a first-hand look at the border situation.

“When the shooting stopped, about 40 to 50 people came out on the U.S. side and turned themselves in. So clearly the rounds were being fired to suppress every effort to stop anybody intervening with anyone or anything coming across,” Gohmert added. “We have no idea what or how many or whom came across with the other illegal immigrants.”

louie gohmert the border and 50 cal weapon

The ‘authorities’ questioning the men on patrol at Camp Lone Star also decided to illegally confiscate the teams weapons, camera and gear even though the men had not broken any laws, thereby, diminishing the men’s ability to defend themselves in a hostile territory.

Thoroughly embarrassed by not really being able to explain their unconstitutional actions taken by the ‘authorities’ in this matter, have kept themselves busy trying to spin public opinion against Camp Lone Star ever since. However, that is another story for another time. I digress. Moving on….

In order to advance their own agenda and instead of remaining true to the objective set forth by the team at Camp Lone Star,  some of the members of the ‘shut down the ports of entry group’ chose to stand on the backs of their fellow patriots at Camp Lone Star and recklessly bring down even more unneccesary negative public opinion on the brave group of Americans who are effectively deterring the illegals from crossing through the landowners property.

It seems some shameless, self-promoting, ‘shut down the ports of entry’ people having no regard for the security of their fellow Americans, or gave any thought of what the possible consequences of their deceitful actions might have on those who are at the location permanently, have effectively placed the honorable men and women who have been supporting Camp Lone Star from day one, in even more jeopardy than they already had signed up for.

By misleading the KRVG news team, who then inaccurately reported that The Citizen Border Defenders as being part of a completely different group who want to attempt a more radical form of the ever growing resistance movements springing up all across America by citizens who are becoming increasingly desperate to find a way to reform the criminal government and remedy its unwillingness to follow The Constitution and The Rule of Law in Texas and America, the threat level to the landowner and the team of Citizen Border Defenders has escalated by no small amount.

All across America, many freedom loving Americans have had enough lawlessness and are very angry because of the ongoing incompetence, neglect and dangerous policies of state and federal government who are allowing the borders to remain wide open while turning a blind eye to the damage that is being done to Texas and to American National Security and Sovereignty.

This again, is another example of selfish, self-servng individuals who want to advance their own political aspirations and agendas, as they line their pockets with corporate cash incentives no matter who get hurts.

Many politicians are blatantly breaking their oath of office, abandoning any semblence of loyalty and honor, and are carelessly putting the greatest country on Earth’s very life blood and future behind their own petty insatiable fantasies of power and wealth with no interest, what so ever, as to the damage being done to We The People of America and our American Heritage.

In spite of the political ‘dog and pony show’ and lots of ‘smoke and mirror’ prestidigitation and manipulation of public opinion by the governments dizzying display of scandal after scandal after scandal and the never ending distractions orchestrated by corporate owned news media outlets who have been attempting to fool the American people into a false sense of security, ensuring them that the federal government has ‘everything under control’ for decades by pretending the criminal government is going to finally be doing the one main job our federal government was put in place to do, which is, of course, to defend America AND her Constitution. Something this administration hasn’t bothered with in years. The propaganda isn’t fooling those of us who still have a functioning brain. Some of us are still able to see what is happening to America in spite of the ‘fool aid’ being fed to the low information crowd.

However, breaking the law and or placing people unnecessarily in harms way is not how the men and women at Camp Lone Star have chosen to make their individual impact on addressing border security dangers faced by American landowners who are threatened on a regular basis by foreign criminals and domestic enemies of America.

The subsequent posting of the inaccurate article on the KRGV Face Book Page created a firestorm of negativity, hatred and even death threats from some very shady local individuals in the comment thread under the article on the KRGV FB page. Included in the comments was a map, pin pointing the exact location of the property along with a picture of some of the team members and a message meant to alert Matamoros Mexican Gulf Cartel about Camp Lone Star.

 cls enemy in matamoros

Included in one of the photos posted in the KRVG comment section is the image of Larry Smith who is vying as a Republican for the U.S. House District 34 seat. Mr. Smith is a constitutionalist with high Christian values and is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran who came to visit Rusty and his ‘Regulators’ one day not long ago at Camp Lone Star and who even went out on patrol with The Citizen Border Defenders to find out for himself what the situation really is.

For the record, Camp Lone Star does not advocate nor have any interest in helping ‘shut down all the ports of entry’ along the southern border as was falsely claimed and then reported as fact by KRGV.

You may believe me, however, when I say that the men and women supporting Camp Lone Star already have their work cut out for them at their chosen location as they attempt to simply ‘shut down’ all the illegal activity that has been running rampant on the landowners property for many years now.

“Regulators!!!! Mount up!!”

Please Wake Up America and Unite to End This Tyranny while we still have a chance!!

It is easier to resist in the beginning than at the end. ~ Leonardo DaVinci ~


 UPDATE Sept. 16, 2014 via KC Massey III

From our Property owner at Camp Lone Star:

a deputy constable today, told some new visiting friends at “the farm”, that “they” are now listed at the top of the matamoros cartel kill list as ‘they ” are creating a sense of relief to neighbors. “they ” are now considered a group that must be stopped… the deputy constable said as well, that he wish’s there were more brave one’s like them. the local sheriff was heard to say that “THEY ” are rocking the peacdeful waters between the dept and the cartel, the sheriff saying, ” THEY ‘ are interfering with calm business practices between the twin cities………….. OHH RAH…………. adios as the old goat on the river walked out the door and into the sunset……………………………….


National Communications Director
Denice Freeman,
Fax 866 376-7121
Public Information Officer,
KC Massey lll, Camp Lone Star

September 21, 2014
RE: Important Message to the Press

There was an incident at Camp Lone Star where press came into camp unannounced, breaking the camps rules by not following protocol. This will not be tolerated.
Joseph O’Shanuessy brought in media to the camp without regard to the member’s privacy. He did not contact the National Communications Director, Denice Freeman or the Public Information’s Officer, KC Massey lll, to set a time and date prior to entering the camp. Not only was this unprofessional, but this kind of behavior is unbecoming and will only create unnecessary stress and distress, due to the Mexican drug cartels gaining personal information about camp members.
Scheduling of any media attempts to contact the camp MUST be done through, We the American People, National Communications Director, Denice Freeman by the request of Camp Lone Star. All contacts that go to the camps Public Information’s Officer, KC Massey lll, will be redirected to Denice Freeman. NO EXCEPTIONS.
Media interviews are set for the following times:
All interviews on site will be conducted on Mondays from 8am-12pm and Thursday from 12pm-4pm.
We the American people, thank you in advance for following this protocol. We look forward to working with media in conjunction with Camp Lone Star in a way that keeps the men and women of this camp safe. We know the media does not want to cause them any more distress.

cls press release sept 21 oshaughnessys bs again

Jeezus portraying Jesus april 2012

This is the guy Border Patrol shot at 5x for no danm good reason out at the Brownsville location .. Remember?? The evil ‘militia?? Yah, this guy. We lovingly call him Jeezus. He is portraying Jesus in a production called The Stations of The Cross for St. Joseph church in Brownsville, TX back in April 2012. Hmmmm. NOW I GET IT!!! Seems only fitting that the local news would want to villainize and ‘crucify’ him. You won’t see this being re-reported. They wont dig into his background to report on this… They only want to dish dirt. TYPICAL.


Thank you Gary Hunt for your good work in defense of KC.

There is a lot more to this story.

Camp Lone Star – “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”

Camp Lone Star – “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”

Bill of Rights

Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
February 19, 2015


We are all familiar, at least to some degree, with the concept of chain of evidence, Miranda rights, and the 4th and 5th Amendments to the Constitution.

Evidence has to be acquired by legal means. A warrant is required, except under certain circumstances, to seize evidence. So, what happens if there is an incident, whether accidental, or, perhaps, even set up, to create a situation where, by stealthy means, “evidence” is secured without a warrant, or a crime (certain circumstances) in which the evidence can be rightfully secured?

On August 29, 2014, a Border Patrol Agent, claiming that a weapon had been pointed at him, fired five shots, from about 30 feet distant from John Foerster. Surprisingly, he missed hitting Foerster, indicating both poor marksmanship, and suggesting that the agent committed a crime, in violation of BPS policy.

Foerster, Massey, and the third member of their group, Varner, had their five firearms taken from their 4-wheel “mule”, without a warrant – a violation of the 4th Amendment. Then, without being read their Miranda rights, questioned by BPS, a local Sheriff’s deputy, and an FBI agent.

From the Affidavit for a Search Warrant, item 5.

  1. During a post-shooting investigation, two of these armed individuals were identified as Kevin Lyndel MASSEY (aka KC Massey) and John Frederick FOERSTER, and both admitted to interviewing officers of the Cameron County Sheriffs Office (CCSO) and Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) to possessing some of the firearms seized.

From the Affidavit for a Criminal Complaint (arrest warrant):

  1. FBI Special Agent Caryn Chasteen and Cameron County Sheriffs Office Investigator Padilla interviewed FOERSTER. During the interview FOERSTER admitted to possessing the ZASTAVA, Model: PAP M92PV, 7.62 x 39mm pistol, SN: MP2PV005143; adding that he did not own this firearm but borrowed it from Kevin MASSEY.
  2. During the interview of MASSEY, by FBI Special Agent David Cordoba and HSI Special Agent Jeremy Bergeaux, MASSEY admitted to both the ownership of the ZASTAVA, Model: PAP M92PV, 7.62 x 39mm pistol, SN: MP2PV005143, and to lending this firearm to FOERSTER.

Now, in reviewing those documents, we find no claim that there was a search warrant to allow them to seize the firearms, or that Miranda rights were read to them before taking testimony.

Because of the illegal seizure of the weapons, and the illegally obtained statements by Massey, Foerster, and Varner, the subsequent Search Warrant and Criminal Complaint (arrest warrant) were secured. If the rights of Americans are as intended by the Founders, then the invalidity of the actions of August 29 leave no lawful justification (excuse) to obtain the subsequent warrants.

If we are a nation of laws, and the “supreme Law of the Land” is the Constitution, then by what right does the federal government pretend that they can walk over the Bill of Rights, imposing hardship and expense on K. C. Massey?

Massey’s attorney, Louis S. Sorola, has the same question, so he has filed a Motion to Suppress Illegally Seized Evidence and Illegally Obtained Statements. As he points out in the Motion,

The August 29, 2014 search and seizure was illegal and the evidence and statements should be suppressed along with any subsequent statements and evidence seized on October 20, 2014 as they are fruit of the poisonous tree.

The Honorable Andrew S. Hanen, United States District Court, Southern District of Texas, Brownsville Division will hear this Motion. Judge Hanen recently ruled against the Obama Amnesty Plan, indicating a respect for both the Constitution and the fact that only Congress may legislate.


Camp Lone Star – “a Fundamental Right”

Camp Lone Star – “a Fundamental Right”


Gary Hunt
Outpost of Freedom
February 21, 2015


It is normal, in any criminal proceeding, for the Defense Attorney to file a Motion to Dismiss. Most often, these are simple appeals about nothing of significance, though they do add chargeable hours.

In K. C. Massey’s case, however, we find a “Motion to Dismiss Indictment“, with merit. Perhaps not in a legal sense, but in a truly lawful sense – The difference that is anything can be enacted (legal), though unless it is firmly based upon the powers and authorities granted in the Constitution, it may be unlawful.


Massey’s attorney, Louis S. Sorola, begins by explaining the Texas law (Texas Penal Code, §46.04) which allows Massey to possess a firearm, for his own protection. This and other aspects that will be addressed here are dealt with in detail at Liberty or Laws? “Felon in Possession of a Firearm” is Not Legal or Lawful.

He supports this by reference to, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”, in reference to the 2008 Supreme Court ruling in “District of Columbia v. Heller” (554 US 570), where the Court held that the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to keep firearms at their homes for their self-protection. This decision is consistent with the Texas law that allows such possession five years after completion of a sentence as a result of a felony. However, the federal statute that Massey is charged with presumes a lifetime prohibition, if incorrectly interpreted (see Commerce Clause, below).

He further argues that the term “people”, as used in the Second Amendment is also used in the 1st, 4th, and 9th Amendments, and in none of those is there an exception that would allow rights to be taken away. The only notable legal exception is in the Supreme Court decision found in “Sampson v. California” (547 US 843), which allows a different criteria if one is a prisoner or a parolee. It does not extend beyond that period of time when the person is in custody, or is under conditions of parole, in which he can be searched outside of constitutional constraints.

Commerce Clause

The question as to what extent the Commerce Clause (Article I, §8, cl. 3, Constitution) grants authority to the federal government is raised. Heller addressed the Second Amendment, but did not address the Commerce Clause, however another decision, “United Sates v. Lopez” (514 US 549) addressed the Commerce Clause, but did not address the Second Amendment. In Lopez, the extent of the Commerce Clause did not grant blanket jurisdiction, which resulted in the overturning of the federal Gun-Free School Zone law. If the ruling in Lopez was applied to Massey’s case, it would necessarily require a “substantial effect on Interstate Commerce.

As Sorola argues, “[t]he interstate commerce began and ended with the Federal Firearm License dealers involved. After the importation into Texas the guns are under Texas jurisdiction. Thus the laws of Texas apply, not the federal government.”

Equal Protection Clause

What is meant by Equal Protection was best defined by the Supreme Court in their ruling in “Yick Wo v. Hopkins” (118 US 356 – 1886):

[E]qual protection and security should be given to all under like circumstances in the enjoyment of their personal and civil rights;… that no impediment should be interposed to the pursuits of any one, except as applied to the same pursuits by others under like circumstances; that no greater burdens should be laid upon one than are laid upon others in the same calling and condition; and that, in the administration of criminal justice, no different or higher punishment should be imposed upon one than such as is prescribed to all for like offenses.

Now, it must be understood that the Equal Protection requirement is federal, not to be confused with state laws. Otherwise, all state laws would be equal, but, they are not — they are enacted in accordance with the State’s constitution. (See Which Constitution Am I Protected By?) Where it does apply is in the application of federal laws, as described in Yick Wo.

If different states have different laws as to what a felony is and how much time is served, is it equal protection if one state might consider it third degree and have a light sentence while another state might hold a higher penalty and mandatory 1 year (federal criteria) in prison? The federal government has not even attempted to establish a uniform criteria for the applicability of 18 USC §922(g)(1) – the charge against Massey). This lends support to the Commerce Clause limitation, above, where the law would only apply to Interstate Commerce, not to the right of the people, in general.

In a Circuit Court decision, the court decided that, in enacting the statute, “Congress superimposed a patchwork of state law over a broad piece of federal legislation in a manner bound to produce anomalous results.” (McGrath v. United States, 60 F.3d 1005)

Perhaps what is most important about this Motion to Dismiss is the fact that it is, without a doubt, a challenge to federal jurisdiction, a preservation of State’s Rights, and the rights of the People.



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