URGENT: Texas Arrests Mexican Hitman Who Murdered Texan Family [PICTURE]

illegals damn sure aint what im leaving my kids

One of the biggest concerns on the minds of Americans concerning the border crisis is the danger that many criminal illegals pose to citizens.

Many of the illegals who come across the border have ties to some of the most violent gangs in the world and others work for drug cartels and carry out horrific criminal acts, injuring and killing citizens on American soil.

Liberals who like to downplay the danger and say it’s all the mad ramblings of “racist white folk,” have a hard time defending their support of illegals when one of them commits a heinous act like the murder of an entire family.

According to Breitbart, a Mexican cartel hitman, Jose Carlos Campos Martinez, is being charged with two counts of capital murder after breaking into a Texas family’s home and killing them in cold blood.

Jose Carlos Martinez

Martinez was under orders from a drug cartel to kill the family, which included a 13-year-old, a 12-year-old, and three other adults.

The family was sitting down to have dinner when the thug stormed in and sprayed the house with bullets. It took investigators two years after the shooting, which occurred in 2012, to track down the killer using DNA evidence.
Law enforcement believes that the cartel responsible for the hit is the Gulf Cartel, a group that uses the Rio Grande Valley as a passage into the U.S. for smuggling drugs and people into the country.

The Rio Grande area is one of the hot spots along the border that is in desperate need of additional security, which at the moment is mostly being provided by militia groups.

It’s the job of the federal government to stop this kind of senseless violence from happening, and it’s as easy as building a few fences and providing fully armed military patrols to take down any individuals attempting to cross the border.

Obama’s refusal to secure the border so that he can push his own progressive agenda will lead to more future incidents like this one, where people will be hurt or killed by someone who shouldn’t be legally allowed in the country.

This is the report…


Click here to read conservative radio host Laura Ingraham’s plan for ending the border crisis.

The president needs to set his warped political agenda aside and take swift action to make sure that acts of violence like this one do not happen again, which means upholding current immigration laws that will prevent dangerous illegals from getting into America.

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