A landowner’s view of the Texas Border situation

ReBlogged From Uncle Sams Misguided Children                          August 24, 2014

Drug runners along the Texas border- photo from Border Patrol

“The criminals who are crossing the river, and going through my property are going north. One day they may be stopping in your backyard. Will you feel safe at night?” A Texas landowner

Misguidedchildren spoke to several people who have firsthand knowledge of the problems at the border. One of them, a property owner whose land butts up to the Rio Grande River, is fed up with the problems. We will call him “Mr. Colorado.” He is outspoken about the problems he deals with on a daily basis.

Mr. Colorado’s property is split in two by the so-called “border fence.” The Federal government purchased the land for the fence- 3 acres- at only $500 per acre. Other landowners received from $7,000 to $15,000 per acre.  Was it because Mr. Colorado is outspoken?

“They still owe me for some of the land, but they told me I could sue them, and they’d stonewall me forever. It was like it or lump it.”

The Border Patrol wanted to lease some land to put up a guard tower on two ten year leases. They promised to pay in the language of the lease. But the DOJ told Mr. Colorado, “Tough, we don’t have to honor it.”

The illegals

Mr. Colorado’s section of the Rio Grande has a hard bottom, something which makes it extremely desirable for Mexicans coming to the US.  They traverse his land and climb the border fence with impunity.

“The fence is rusty and that makes it easier to climb. I was watching one day when a woman climbed up and over it in less than 30 seconds.  The more it rusts the easier it is to climb.  One of the landowners on the other side of town got 5 to 10 gallons of cooking oil, mixed it with water, and sprayed the fence so that it would be slippery.”

The Cartel Factor

Mr. Colorado has had numerous dogs killed by the cartels.  The murders of the animals are a warning, a message from ruthless men who want to kill everyone  who might stand in their way to make money. He must take extra precautions or be killed. He advised USMC that he sleeps very little at night due to the potential for danger.

“I’d say if you were to dig any place on this land, you’d find the body of a dog- at least 25 of them.”

The cartels murdered one of his cousins, his wife, their 4 children, and family pets in Monterey.  He has “strong feelings” – and those are good reasons to have them.

Terrorists and Invaders

“One Border Patrol agent saw a man who appeared to be from Iran or Iraq. He reached out to touch him with his left hand, which is the toilet hand in those countries. The man backed up, and the agent spoke to him in his language (since he was a veteran and knew that language). The man answered immediately and the fight was on. They’re coming in from Middle Eastern countries…

Then there are the Chinese that are sending arms to the cartels. Some kids were out joyriding one afternoon and saw some packages –turned out to be packages of AK47 ammo , loaders, and RPGs with launchers, all of which had “strange characters” on the side. They also found 400 packs of Semtex. The State Police and Army took possession of those things.”

The Border Patrol

Mr. Colorado advised that the Border Patrol has ridiculous restrictions placed on them. They were told they could only use one tank of gas per day, and while some of them buy gas out of their own pocket, others simply sit in their vehicles and watch. Obviously the government wants to avoid them patrolling the fence.

He also told us about one Border Patrol agent who went to investigate an abandoned vehicle, and 5 men jumped out. They beat him severely, broke his leg, took all his equipment and left him for dead. The government wrote that he “fell down” on his sick leave record.

“They not just ‘throwing rocks’ at the Border Patrol. They are using tire inner tubes as slingshots and pitching 5 to 10 pound rocks at them… The situation is volatile, tenuous. We could slow this down if the administration would enforce the immigration laws.

These are not ‘immigrants.’  Many of these people coming in can’t read or write- even Spanish.  We that live here know about lice and we just get rid of them. These people don’t know to do that. They have scabies, and one kid had active smallpox. The authorities disinfected the place they had him and adjusted the paperwork,…and the kid disappeared. I don’t know what happened to him… Another three kids had leprosy and were put in the school with other American kids.”

Mr. Colorado has a rich history. He knows Mexico and he knows about immigration. His grandfather came legally to the United States from Budapest, Hungary. His father played a significant role in preventing Mexico from becoming Fascist during WWII.

“They call me a bigot and a racist, but my family came here the right way.  Before this all happened I’d say that 95% of the Mexicans that came across my land were never a problem….they’d cut grass and leave us vegetables in return for staying at a small house on our property. This administration is bringing people here that are not entitled to be called immigrants. “




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