Update: Kelli D Gordon vs The Facebook Nazis

August 21, 2014

fb display of civil disobedience for real

By Kelli D Gordon in McAllen, TX                                                                          August 20 2014

I’m blogging everything from now on first.
FB actually made me mad enough to file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (Ref. # 55570072 if anyone wants to chime in) or leave me a statement in the comments below) I’m seeing an attorney later this week.

Normally, I avoid the court system like the plague. I am of the opinion that THERE IS NO JUSTICE left to be had in my once great American Nation of God & Liberty. However,  I WILL NOT stand still for ANYMORE of this slander and tyranny! Now I been accused of posting sexually explicite photos of children?? and declared “ineligible” to use facebook!! (This the final insult, after enduring months and months of unconstitutional discrimination and harrassment by fb nazi “security checks” and ridiculous invasions of my privacy.  I hope the attorney takes this case. Im charging FB with slander, discrimination, defamation of character, theft of intellectual property, theft of my treasured collections of archived articles  that i utilized daily in my informative, humorous and thought provoking posts. I kept my collections proudly in 50 publicly visible and well organized “Situation Rooms” I am also furious about these fb nazis holding my 5000 FB friends (and family) and readers cyber hostage. I am suffering from separation anxiety (I miss the interaction and conversations I once enjoyed with my fellow like-minded fb friend). I feel I have been targeted simply for being an outspoken Federal Government Dissident who is resisting a tyrannical situation. Is the federal government afraid of little old me? Is this fear I smell? Fear that my message is being recieved and understood by others who will organize and help me fight this tyranny?

My networking skills obviously scare the hell out of the enemy. I am NOT going to go quietly into the night. I will amp up the volume instead. I am not going to diminish in to the sunset or out of the way. I will make even more noise and bring even more attention to the treachery instead.

My blog numbers dropped from 2600 viewers a day down to just 2 or 3 hundred since I no longer can access my homepage, groups or friends and readers so they succeeded in killing the reach of my messages and posts. And I’m pissed. They had to try to stop me because i was reaching too many people. I have effing had it with these nazi rat bastards and the unconstitutional censorship, discrimination and bias.

Not only have I have been declared “ineligible” to use facebook with no explanation as to why, but three of my favorite American Patriots were also taken down from posting on facebook. Irish Lass of California, John Gaultier of Texas and Michael Louis Toups of Louisiana are no longer among the patriot voices I once enjoyed reading on Facebook. These three individuals are also outspoken, highly intelligent and effective networkers, organizers, activists, writers, thinkers and all around Great Americans!!!

Shame on Zuckerberg and on the facebook anti-American stance.

fb zuckerberg hitler lol

Kelli D Gordon vs Facebook Nazis

For more info click the link. https://kellidgordonlibertyblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/07/face-book-nazis-3/

August 18, 2014

Kelli D Gordon and Kelli DeAnne Gordon both profiles have been taken down by the facebook nazis. Discrimination? What… targeted by a criminal out of control government. This is unacceptable. How many patriot voices will we sacrifice to the enemy of Liberty before we make a stand and fight for our unalienable rights!!!? What about John Gaultier and Michael Louis Toups or Irish Lass? Declared ‘ineligible’? with no explanation from the faceless facebook gestapo. Hmmmm.

 Someone commented that this was a four year old pic anyways, I went to try to verify this and got threatened by the nsa and another group called IWF internet watch foundation??? WTH?? Then was notified that my browser is ‘locked’. Im not even kidding. Along with a pic of flashing lights and handcuffs.. YAH.. Investigate me treat me like a criminal.

Federal Court Says the Government Can Impersonate You on Social Media — and There’s Not Much You Can Do About It

Twitter sues U.S. government over national security data

By Eric Bradner, CNN
updated 3:19 PM EDT, Tue October 7, 2014

Military Partnered with Facebook to Conduct Massive Psy-Op… And It Was All Done in Secret

Uncle Sams Misguided Children is sharing my fb story!

Patriots under attack

Kelli is emphatic that no one is going to shut her up. She has elicited the services of Attorney James Grissom of McAllen, Texas for her action.

“They take you down and you have to rework everything you’ve done…They play games…They are working with the government against hard-hitting Patriots…They believe we are ‘subversive.’”

Kelli is not alone. Patriots and Conservatives on Facebook live under the ever-present censorship of the social network. Though everyone who “joins” Facebook must sign a user agreement demanding that they comply with Facebook “Community Standards,” those standards are not applied equitably to all groups.  There is a definite liberal/pro-muslim agenda.




You Won’t believe What Facebook is Doing & You Could Be Their Next Target! Exclusive Victims Report

You Won’t believe What Facebook is Doing & You Could Be Their Next Target! Exclusive Victims Report https://youtu.be/iyyN543EF_E
Published on Dec 12, 2014
Here is the link that goes with the post: http://b4in.info/rjhU

Lyn Leahz Youtube:

If anyone out there misses me, my posts or is angry that facebook falsely and slanderously accused me of posting sexually explicite photos of CHILDREN!!! Then declared me ‘ineligible’ to use facebook and permanently disabled my Kelli D Gordon account, please leave me a comment below so I can show my attorney evidence that we have all been injured and angered. That though we may have never met before we still care for one another and consider ourselves friends.

If anyone out there misses me, my posts or is angry that facebook falsely and slanderously accused me of posting sexually explicite photos of CHILDREN!!! Then declared me ‘ineligible’ to use facebook and permanently disabled my Kelli D Gordon account, please leave me a comment below so I can show my attorney evidence that we have all been injured and angered. That though we may have never met before we still care for one another and consider ourselves friends.

Comments collected from my secondary Kelli DeAnne Gordon account on 9/4/2014

Try to remember with farcebook, they can kick you off any time they want. I just got that treatment a few days ago.




22 thoughts on “Update: Kelli D Gordon vs The Facebook Nazis

    • Kelli d gordon i wanta say ty from the bottom if my heart for what 7 do fir us u have open my eyes n so many ways. Im sorry that your freedoms are.being takeing from u cuss this uackass has his hands up tue.governments ass u have every rigth to do this we need more like u to stand up to these cowards we need.our.country.bk like the.four fathers wanted it in i stand with u on the figth u can try in shut me up assnholes but.guss what ill be just like kelli yes im gona stand United with her on this. thank god for her with people like kelli sliwly but surly we will have our country bk its time we all get to gether dont hid behind txt or messages lets do what kelli is lets start a revolution in figth for our country to hell with fb n its bs. U wanta get rid of me assholes ill be just like kelli. I love u kelli like a friend a close friend dont worry 8 got your bk


  1. I miss you on fb Kelli. Bethany is posting alot of stuff, but I still miss your posts…hope things are going ok other than the fb nazi bs. Stay safe my friend!


  2. Miss you on fb Kelli I’ve come to think of you as a good friend in a short period of time. Keep up the great work you do. And let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.


  3. Sister, You know I love you and I also just posted a link to this site on my page. I’m going to share it on all of my pages and in my group (or you can post it, if I forget!) Looooove you! ❤


  4. Really? This is so pathetic. You have never shared anything so wretched as what is claimed. I know you only from facebook, but from your posts there, I know you to be a caring, patriotic woman. This is probably one of the stupidest practices facebook has devised to date for pushing the agenda of the leftists in this country and around the world. I will do all that I can to help. Just let me know what is needed. Have a private message sent and I will provide the contact information. God be with you! You and your efforts will be in my prayers.


  5. I have never seen you post threats or sexually explicit photos of anyone. Your post’s are educational, patriotic and appropriate. We must fight the discriminatory practices of liberals and leftists who are using their authority to silence those conservative patriot’s by impeding our right to free, uncensored speech because we do not support their agenda


  6. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: If you’re not on a watch list you’re doing something wrong. lol You are a patriot and a much needed voice, and I hope and pray this lawyer takes your case. FB has been banning patriot groups and leaving the anti-American groups to thrive. This is nothing more than targeting you for being a proud American. I support you 100%, Kelli!!!


  7. I miss you terribly, Kelli!!!!! I began searching for you yesterday asking others to help me find you, broadcasting on my Wall. I found you late yesterday, thank God. I was searching for John Gaultier the other day too and could NOT find him either!!! I did not realize that Michael Toups was gone, either. What a damn disgrace. Kelli Gordon has NEVER posted any nude photos of children (what a slanderous, libelous thing to try to pin on her!!!!!) on Facebook and she has never posted anything that I believe she should have been penalized or censored over!!! She is one of our finest patriots in the USA and added so much value to Facebook by sharing so many important, interesting, and fascinating things all of the time!!! I miss her dearly!!! All she did was exercise her 1st amendment rights in order to try and save our Republic and the USA from the tyranny by the .001% — most of who are in DC! She constantly shared her valuable resources with me and others as she is literally a “walking library” and a wealth of information!!! She worked super hard to set up her library of references and was very proud of it, rightfully so! She is one of the most organized, capable, and adept people I have ever met and we really need access to our “library” back. Shutting her Facebook accounts down is like burning down a huge, valuable, and very important library!!! It is very valuable intellectual property!!! I am absolutely DISGUSTED about Facebook’s actions toward this upstanding, courageous, and admirable Patriot who loves her fellow man and her country more than so many that I know. I pray to God that she receives JUSTICE and COMPENSATION for this violation of her Civil Rights!!! All of us full time patriots are using our 1st Amendment rights to the MAX in order to try and avoid having to use our 2nd Amendment rights!!! This should be deeply respected by Facebook, the courts, and all people here in the USA. Dr. Michael Savage is right on the money with his new book about trying to stop the coming civil war and it is the duty of ALL citizens and ALL Americans to step up and back & protect each other during these very perilous times where our liberties are withering away at warp speed due to the actions of the .001% in trying to control, terrorize, humiliate the multitudes! GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! I stand with Kelli Gordon!!! God bless her & God bless America, once again. Let’s roll America!!! ❤ Hooah! Stars & Stripes FOREVER! :-*=) I am here for you Kelli. I have your back, sister Patriot!


  8. Well, I got in late in the game on this. Sexual… pffft! Never has been anything of the sort. The tactics of the left and the old Soviet Union are rearing their ugly heads.


  9. I don’t know you but I support you. John Gautier was back on Facebook…just a couple of days now…haven’t been on to much today so haven’t seen any post today


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