One Example of Child Abuse by Michigan State Courts and DHS

As relayed to me by Donald Dewey on Aug. 10 2014″

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Petition Update:

dewey pic for blogI am a retired US Federal Supervisor with thirty rears of service. I have five children and eight grand children. I moved to a small town in Northern Michigan. I did this to get my teenage triplets out of harms way. We lived in big cities on the west coast. Lots of drugs and gangs. We moved into farming country. My youngest son Nathan got involved with younger local kids who were running amok. They were into drugs yes even in this small community. No gangs but they had little groups of kids doing stupid things. This community is run by the Judge with a iron fist. Kind of like what you would see in the old days down south. My son Nathan was soon in jail for some thing in a bigger city would have not happened. While in jail Nathan was found hanging from the bars of the drunk tank on Dec. 24, 2002. He had been hanging for between 13 and 17 minutes. He was given back to us in a coma with no expectation of living. Nathan had a strong to live an so he came out of this coma with extreme brain trauma. Nathan had a live expectancy of five years. A video tape showing this hanging was in the custody of the jail. When my friend and Attorney went to get a copy of the tape it was gone. We filled a Federal Lawsuit and we won it. Nathan was living in a facility that worked with people who had brain trauma. If we had left him in that facility he would be dead by now. We took him home and he now lives with us for how ever long that might be. His and our lives have never been the same. We should have immediately moved out of that area but we did not want anyone pushing us away.

The prosecuting Attorney in 2002 had a real serious drug problem. Everyone in the community knew about this and they all just looked the other way. No one wanted to get involved in this. The court Appointed Attorney who was supposed to be representing Nathan for the problem that he was in jail for is now our Prosecuting Attorney in our county. I believe that he sold out Nathan back in 2002 to get his current position. The old 2002 Prosecuting Attorney in now our current family / district court Judge. I being responsible for all of Nathans things in life have to appear before this Judge yearly. He wants to make sure that I am not abusing Nathan, stealing any of his assets, etc..

I asked my oldest son Jeremiah to move here to Michigan to help us care for Nathan. I am not getting any younger and I wanted to make sure Nathan was never placed into any state facility. He was in several so called high price facilities and I had seen them work at all odd hours of the night. I did not like what I had seen and I was not going to subject my son to this. Jeremiah was divorced from his wife ( Pam ). Pam and their daughter Shauna moved to Alabama and left Jeremiah in Washington State all alone. Jeremiah was living there for about six months when he agreed to move to Michigan. When he was living in Washington State he meet a woman Storm who had two kids Brittney and Joshua who had no fathers in their lives. They had become a little family in Washington State. When Jeremiah moved to Michigan State it was not long before this little family followed him. Storm and Joshua loved Jeremiah and living in Michigan State. Brittney did not like it here. Brittney was use to getting her own way. Brittney was allowed to manipulate her mother to get what ever she wanted. I believe this is one of the things that caused Storm and her Husband ( Josh Sr. ) to divorce. Brittney was black and Josh was white. When they lived here in Michigan I believe that Brittney was the only black child in the School system. Brittney was also extremely mean towards Joshua Jr. She went as far as hitting him in the back of his head with a baseball bat because he was in her way.

In 2005 someone called in an anonymous tip that seven year old Brittney way be being sexually abused by someone. The Michigan State Police and Michigan State CPS started their investigations. Brittney told them that no one was sexually touching her. She was given a complete Medical examination at our local clinic and she again told the doctor that no one was sexually touching her. Brittney and her mother tested positive for herpes. Storm had herpes type one and two. Brittney had type two only. Brittney who had a history of hard stools or constipation also had a anal lesion or fissure on her. No one else was checked for any type of STD’s. The investigations were all closed for lack of any evidence. Storm, Brittney, and Joshua all moved back to Washington State while Jeremiah stayed here.

Now keep in mind that we had just won a major federal law suit in this community. We then subjected this small community to our black grand daughter I wonder if this Anonymous complaint was to get us out of this area by some prejudice person in this small farming community. After about a couple of months Storm and Joshua moved back to Michigan State. Brittney remained living in Washington State living with her papa John who is the ex-boy friend of her aunt crystal who also lived in Washington State. Brittney lived with John until about age twelve. She then moved in and lived with her aunt crystal until about age 13. While she was living in Washington State she was lying, stealing, drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and having sex. She was allowed to come and go as she pleased. When she started getting into trouble while living with her aunt crystal she was held accountable for her actions. She had rules to follow and she did not like this. She decided to move back to Michigan State in December of 2011. Storm and Jeremiah had Joshua, and their daughter Khloe.

When Brittney moved back to Michigan she had with her an expensive cell phone with all of the internet privileges paid for by her papa john from Washington State. The first six months of her living here she was made the center of attention by everyone. We were all buying her anything and everything that she wanted. Brittney thought she was in heaven. The problem was that we also had living in this area six other younger children who were not getting as much attention as Brittney was. Two of those younger children just happened to be her siblings Joshua and Khloe. All of the relative here started sharing time and money equally with all of the kids. Brittney did not like this she wanted it all her way and so problems started to show up. Brittney was soon beating up Joshua like she use to do in 2005. Brittney was teaching Joshua and Khloe rap songs with nasty lyrics in them. These lyrics were extremely offensive to everyone here.Brittney was told to stop doing this and so she started doing it secretively

Brittney was having problems in school. She started spreading rumors about her cousin Tara in school. Brittney was confronted by Tara about this and so they parted ways and had nothing to do with each other. Brittney started spreading rumors about other kids and when they confronted her she told her mother and Jeremiah they were bullying her. She then claimed that some kid had bitten her on her shoulder. She was having a sexual relationship with a kid named Hunter. Hunter found out that Brittney had taken some photographs of her self in her under wear and some naked. Brittney had posted them on the internet ( KIK ) and Hunter found out about this. Hunter broke up with Brittney and Brittney took a bunch of yeast infection pills in an attempt at suicide. Brittney had also taken all the new school clothing that Storm and Jeremiah had just purchased for Shauna who was here on summer vacation. Brittney talked Joshua into taking all these new cloths and spreading liquid soap and black permanent marker all over them in an attempt to destroy them.
Storm and Jeremiah in an attempt to control Brittney with our help purchased a small fixer up home in the country of our small community. Brittney at first was ok with this until she realized that they were in complete control over her after school activities. Brittney decided that she was moving back to Washington State. Brittney stole four hundred dollars from Storm. Jeremiah and Storm looked all over the house for the missing money. After about one week of their searching the money showed up in the back pack of Joshua. This back pack had been searched on several previous times and no money found. On March 9, 2013 Brittney had posted on her facebook that she was moving back to Washington State and she all ready purchased the tickets. Storm and Jeremiah had found in Brittney’s bedroom empty alcohol bottles, Marijuana, and a Marijuana pipe. Brittney got pissed off and said she has had enough of this shit and she was moving back to Washington State. On March 21, 2013 Brittney texted her maternal grand mother in Utah State and her ex-boy friend in Virginia that Jeremiah had inappropriately touched her when he was stretching her muscles after gym practice.
Storm and my daughter Lisa decided to take Brittney to a child psychiatrist located in Saginaw Michigan about 3.5 hours away from our homes. This Psychiatrist was suppose to be one of the best in this field. Brittney was having a great time on the trip down State until they pulled into the parking lot of the Psychiatrist. Then she got quiet and was pissed off. As soon as Brittney told the Psychiatrist that she was sexually molested by her mothers boy friend the session ended and she told them all that by state law she was required to report this. Storm, Lisa, and Brittney all left Saginaw and drove back to our little community. On March 27, 2013 Brittney, Joshua, and Khloe were all taken away by CPS. Brittney was moved to Alpena Michigan and Joshua and Khloe stayed together in Onaway Michigan. On March 28, 2013 We were all in the family court and the Judge after reading the charges against my son said that it sounds to him like Jeremiah is showing signs of Predatory Pedophile tendencies with out any proof or evidence.
This statement was in open court in front of our pastor, me and my wife, Jeremiah and Storm, Storm’s mother and father, and many others. This Judge then court appointed an Attorney to represent Storm. Jeremiah was court appointed an attorney about a week later. The local news paper and the Alpena Michigan news paper bombarded this entire small community with this story. Remember we have had prior history with this Judge and Prosecuting Attorney with our son Nathan in 2002. This Judge is rumored to have been involved with cocaine and marijuana abuse for over twenty years. The Prosecuting Attorney just beat the State of Michigan for Narcotic Prescription pain killer fraud. See search for Steiger Dr. Shopping. The two court appointed Attorneys were only after forcing Storm and Jeremiah into take plea agreements. Both Jeremiah and Storm had requested several times in front of witnesses a jury trial and they were denied this by the Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and their own court appointed public defenders.
Jeremiah was looking at four criminal sexual conduct charges on Brittney from 2005 with no actual dated assigned to them. He was being threatened with an additional CSC charge on Brittney for 2013, and two more charges on his daughter Khloe of him applying medication on her for diaper rash in 2013. If he plead guilty in court for the four charges in 2005 all the other charges would go away. He would have to serve one year in the county jail and all the kids would go back to Storm. He plead no contest to the four charges was immediately arrested, placed in jail, the additional charges were being processed, and the kids did not go back to Storm. He was totally lied to by his Attorney. Nothing was in writing. We went out and hired two new Attorneys from Lansing Michigan who were referred to us by the Michigan State Bar.
In the beginning these two new Attorneys had a really good talk to them. We were providing them with all kids of written documents that they were claiming to be out standing. We gave them facebook posting from Brittney. We gave them letters written by relatives of Brittney from Washington State. We told them that we had all of the work records from the employees who worked in our house taking care of Nathan in 2004-2007. These employee’s worked for Vital care of Cheboygan Michigan. They were paid for by Community Mental Health of Rogers City Michigan. Like I said we have all the records and CMH has copies of the records. These employees as home health care workers are required to report any suspicion of abuse of any kind. No abuse was recorded or reported. In 2005 Brittney also attended a private home day care facility no abuse was ever reported. The School never observed or reported and abuse. Jeremiah was out on bond his grand mother who was 87 years old and of failing health posted the 10% of 100,000.00 bond. In August of 2013 the Prosecuting Attorney lied in open court telling the Judge that the three new additional charges against Jeremiah this was the first time he had heard about them. We had copies from Jeremiahs previous Attorney in May and June of 2013 that showed these new charges. Jeremiah was sent back to jail by this lying Prosecuting Attorney.
In June of 2014 Jeremiah had his first Jury Trial and it was for the CSC charge of Brittney in 2013.I wanted the new Attorneys to object or make a motion to have the 2005 charges first or even the 2013 charges on Khloe but they did nothing. They also knew that if Jeremiah was convicted of this charge that it could and would be used against him in any other charges. The popular and well known Detective Sargent from the Sheriffs office was allowed to pick or weed out any and all jurist that he wanted to. This man was the only person in the court room who knew most of these people. Jeremiah was only allowed to have three of his family members testify for him. I was sequestered in the hallway of the court room but not allowed to testify. Jeremiahs mother and sister did testify but the Prosecuting Attorney tainted their testimonies by claiming some crazy Story about Jeremiahs mother testifying about his sister Lisa living in Ohio. This testimony never happened and Jeremiahs Attorneys never did clear up this confusion. None of the written documentation in support was ever entered as evidence for Jeremiah. The questionable Character of Brittney was never presented in Court. Jeremiah and his entire family’s character was attacked. His family members were only allowed to answer yes or no to the questions asked by the Attorneys per the Judge. Storm and her mother Jan were not allowed to say how they felt about the CSC charge. Tara and Shauna who are about the same age as Brittney were not allowed to testify. Therapist Rebecca Litzner a former CPS worker and knows a lot about this case was not allowed to testify. Dr. Kamala London a developmental psychologist in children’s forensic memory and suggestibility in factors that promote and distort children’s reports of child maltreatment was never allowed to testify or introduce her report for this case. The CPS / DHS forensic interview and documents were all lost by CPS / DHS in 2005. Jeremiah was convicted on this Charge.
July 15-18 2014 Jeremiah had another rigged trial by the Detective Sargent again picking the jurist for the Prosecuting Attorney. The witnesses for Jeremiah were all sequestered in the court hallway. The local Police Officer and the Detective Sheriff Sargent were allowed in the court room to listen and observe all testimony even though they also did testify. Jeremiahs Attorneys did not object to this. The Michigan State Police Officer who was present during all interviews with Brittney was sequestered in the Prosecuting Attorneys office. I observed him interacting with the Prosecuting Attorney during breaks about the case. I reported this to Jeremiahs Attorneys who talked with the Prosecuting Attorney and he stopped doing this. The previous Assistant Prosecuting Attorney quit her job and she suddenly moved down State Michigan into another Assistant Prosecuting Attorney job. The new Assistant Prosecuting Attorney asked me to testify to one really important question. Did the upstairs bedroom door in my house have a lock on it and I said no. She said are you sure of that and again I said no it did not. Then she said that on a previous testimony of mine I had said that it did. I had all ready been told by the Judge to only answer the Attorneys questions. In my previous testimony I had said that this door in 2005 did not have a lock on it. In 2011 my daughter Natashia had placed a lock on it to prevent Brittney from stealing any more of her mary kay mackup. I also said that my down stairs bed room door had a lock on it because this is were I keep all of my medications for my diabetes and high blood pressure. When I told Jeremiahs Attorneys that they need to correct this problem they told me that it was no big deal. The local Police officer had attempted to interview Jeremiah at midnight with out his Attorneys permission or Knowledge about dates when he was working or attending school down state Michigan. When I told his Attorney about this he in open court questioned the Prosecutor about this the prosecutor came up with the this story. This Police officer was questioning Jeremiah concerning another case involving four charges of contempt of court in which Jeremiah was a witness to. Shortly after this actual dates were assigned to the four charges that Jeremiah was facing. None of Jeremiahs work or school records were used in this trial. Jeremiahs Electrical Apprentice Instructor and all of the work and School records were available in court for the trial. No medical records were used in this trial even though the Prosecuting Attorney and Storm had records that were saying different things.
The Detective Sargent from the Sheriffs Department testified that in 2005 Brittney was shown a picture or a doll and asked to point to were Jeremiah had touched her. This deputy Sheriff was not present during any of the interviews with Brittney. His Agency was not involved in this case. The Michigan State Police Officer who was present during all the interviews with Brittney said she was not shown any picture or doll and asked to point to were Jeremiah had touched her. This just did not happen. She said no one was touching her in 2005. This discrepancy between these tow officers was never cleared up to the Jury. The Prosecuting Attorney said that Jeremiah was not down State as much as we claimed that he was. The Prosecuting Attorney said that we did not have these home health care workers working in our house in 2005 and that we did not have all of these records. He did this to discredit our testimony to the jury and Jeremiahs Attorneys said nothing about it. The Prosecuting Attorney claims that Brittney was five years old in 2005 and 13 years old in 2013 and she was born in 1998. I believe that he was using this in an attempt to invoke the prejudice of the Jury. Storm had notified the court that she lied under oath during the first trial. This should have been declared a mistrial. Jeremiah was convicted on all four charges. he is now in the Jackson County Michigan prison for 25-40 years as a sexual convict. The Prosecuting Attorney decided to not at this time charge Jeremiah with Criminal Sexual Conduct charges on his daughter Khloe for applying medication on her diaper rash in 2013. He must be waiting to see what the appeal does in the next two years. The end.

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