KAPOW!! Texas Attorney General: Stop Whining About the Militia and Defend the Border

August 12, 2014



By now everyone is well aware of the disaster happening at the border with thousands of illegals pouring into the country, while President Obama watches gleefully, awaiting the moment he can declare an emergency and pass amnesty with an executive order.

Since the Obama administration wants this crisis to continue escalating, they’ve opted to do nothing to secure the border or offer assistance to help communities pay for the cost of caring for illegal immigrants.

As a result, many border states, like Texas, have decided to take action on their own, with Gov. Rick Perry deploying the National Guard to help provide additional security forces at the southern border.

While this is improving the situation a bit, ranchers are still experiencing break-ins and other dangers from illegals, which has prompted armed militia groups to roll into the Lone Star state to help put the border on lock down.

According to the Dallas News, the presence of the militia hasn’t been a welcomed sight for everyone, as the Texas Democratic congressional delegation wrote a letter to the state’s attorney general demanding that he define the kind of activities that militia can lawfully participate in, and for him to denounce their presence.

In the letter, state Democrats called the militias “lawless” and accused them of perpetuating “the stigma that the border is a war zone.”

Attorney General Greg Abbott shrugged the letter off calling it a “partisan political stunt” and went on to say that rather than whining about the militia, they “should work with their Republican colleagues to secure federal funding for the state’s border security efforts.”

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Perhaps the reason there is a stigma about the border being a war zone is because it is one. Violent gang members and drug cartels have attacked Border Patrol agents, not to mention the Mexican military helicopter that opened fire on Americans, making the border a very unsafe place to be.

Truth be told, the militia shouldn’t be down there, because it’s the president’s job to provide all of the proper resources needed to secure the border. Unfortunately, since he refuses to do his job, these individuals are filling in the gap.

If President Obama decides to fulfill his duty and build fencing, deport illegals, and provide additional armed security to seal off the border, perhaps then the militia will go home.

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