What is Okay With Sharia Law & Muslims…

via ~ Nancy Riley ~ September 7, 2012 at 12:58am


1) It is okay to beat your wives

2) It is okay to throw acid on your wife

3) It is okay to kick her and knock her down, even when holding a baby

4) It is okay to marry little girls as young as 6

5) It is okay to execute gays

6) it is okay to kill all non-Muslims

7) It is okay to burn down churches of all other denominations

8) It is okay to crucify Christians

9) It is okay to die killing infidels it will get you virgins in Heaven

10) It is okay to mutiliate the clitoris of little girls

11) It is okay to kill dogs by any means because they are considered filth

12) It is okay to amputate limbs as a punishment

13) It is okay to use a sword and cut your baby’s head as a ritual

14) It is okay to hang your wife or enemy.

15) It is okay to lie to infiltrate infidels.

16) it is okay to kill your wife and/or children if you feel dishonored

17)It is okay to have sex with infants.

18)It is okay to decapitate Christians and enemies.

19)It is okay to kill anyone who disagrees with Islam.

20)It is okay to lie to further your cause.

21)It is okay to start wildfires in the USA

22)It is okay to derail trains

23)It is okay to kill Americans

24)It is okay to have 36+ Terrorist training camps in the USA training for Jihad against Americans.



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